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Colony 6 Reconstruction is a side mission in Xenoblade Chronicles, where the party gathers resources for reconstructing Colony 6. Reconstruction is divided into Housing, Commerce, Nature, and Special, and each of these has five levels of development. The party receives rare items as rewards for each level of completion.

As the colony is rebuilt, the party can invite people from other regions to migrate to the colony.

Colony 6 Reconstruction is not considered a Quest and will not appear in the quest log. However, like quests, visions can be received upon picking up items necessary for the reconstruction, and those items will subsequently be marked with exclamation points in the inventory.


Level Gold Items needed Obtained from
1 9,000 G 2 x Spotted Volff Hide Volff in Bionis' Leg
2 x Steel Silk Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Peppino (Colony 9 ☆3)
2 19,000 G 4 x Bunnia Scent Wood Bunnia in Satorl Marsh
Trade: Bokoko (☆1)
1 x Fossil Monkey Collectable: Makna Forest
Trade: Rasha (overtrade), Berryjammy (☆2), Puko (☆2)
3 55,000 G 1 x Eks Iron Heart Eks in Makna Forest
Trade: Nelo (☆2)
4 x Sturdy Armour Andos in Eryth Sea
Trade: Galdo, Jer'ell (☆1)
2 x Oil Branch Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Scarlen, Ricoth (☆2)
4 120,000 G 5 x Ponio Hoof Seal Ponio in Fallen Arm
Trade: Eleqa (☆5)
3 x Royal Volff Hide Volff in Fallen Arm
Trade: Neonik (overtrade), Xekit (☆5)
3 x Warning Lamp Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Natalia (overtrade), Karlos (☆5)
2 x Retro Diode Collectable:Mechonis Field or Colony 6 Level 3 Special
Trade: Norara (Colony 6 ☆5)
5 300,000 G 2 x Vang Star Wing Vang in Windy Cave and Tephra Cave
3 x Gogol Horn Gogol in Bionis' Leg and Satorl Marsh
2 x Red Frontier Collectable: Sword Valley
Trade: Rizaka (☆5)
2 x Black Styrene Collectable: Central Factory or Colony 6 Level 4 Special
Trade: Peppino (Colony 6 ☆5)
3 x Rainbow Zirconia Collectable: Colony 9 or Colony 6 Level 2 Special
Trade: Dionysis (☆1)


Level Gold Items needed Obtained from
1 10,000 G 2 x Igna Hide Jacket Igna in Satorl Marsh and Exile Fortress
2 x Amblygon Turtle Collectable: Colony 6 in Hope Farm area
Trade: Arda (Colony 6 ☆1)
2 22,000 G 3 x Hode Plank Hyle Hode in Makna Forest
Trade: Lupa (☆3)
2 x Ready Coil Collectable: Ether Mine
Trade: Olga (Colony 6 ☆1)
3 55,000 G 3 x Shiny Kromar Hide Kromar in Eryth Sea
Trade: Arielle (☆2)
2 x Slick Kromar Stone Kromar in Eryth Sea
Trade: Yura (Alcamoth ☆2)
2 x Blue Ladybird Collectable: High Entia Tomb
Trade: Cian (Alcamoth ☆4)
4 100,000 G 5 x Piranhax Fishmeal Fair Piranhax in Fallen Arm, Radiocarpea Coast
8 x Silver Antol Fibre Antol in Fallen Arm, Digit 1
Trade: Shilx (Hidden Village ☆3)
3 x Sour Turnip Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Eleqa (☆3), Voltak (overtrade)
2 x Mossy Panel Collectable: Mechonis Field
Trade: Nopo'rikh (☆5)
5 250,000 G 1 x Ocean Elixir of Life Kyel Lexos' in Colony 6 after Mechonis Core
Trade: Atael after Mechonis Core (☆5)
4 x Ancient Sardi Meat Throne Sardi in Colony 9
2 x Art Core Coil Collectable: Galahad Fortress
Trade Kazat (☆4)
1 x Fortune Feather Collectable: Agniratha
4 x Hill Firefly Collectable: Bionis' Leg


Level Gold Items needed Obtained from
1 5,000 G 2 x Sharp Hox Spur Hox in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Matryona (Colony 6 ☆1)
2 x Dark Grape Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Anna (Bionis' Leg ☆1), Dorothy (☆3)
2 18,000 G 2 x Quadwing Bag Quadwing in Satorl Marsh
3 x Empress Beetle Collectable: Frontier Village
Trade: Dobadoba (☆4)
3 40,000 G 3 x Jagged Tail Eryth Hiln, Eryth Ansel in Eryth Sea
Trade: Kurralth (Alcamoth ☆1)
Trade: Talia after Mechonis Core
2 x Despair Clover Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Atael (Alcamoth ☆2)
2 x Ice Cabbage Collectable: Valak Mountain
Trade: Yura (Valak Mountain ☆4)
4 99,000 G 3 x Caterpile Silk Royal Caterpile in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Sylviane (overtrade), Dorothy (☆5)
3 x Hox Daylight Spur Dark Hox, White Hox in Bionis' Leg
Trade: Bozatrox (Mechonis Field ☆4), Jer'ell (overtrade)
3 x Oil Oyster Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Shilx (Fallen Arm ☆3), Qofaria (overtrade)
3 x White Plum Collectable: Fallen Arm
Trade: Prox (☆3), Eleqa (overtrade)
5 280,000 G 3 x Ardun Elder Beard Magnis Ardun in Bionis' Leg
1 x Tokilos King Egg Leg Tokilos in Bionis' Leg
2 x Lewisia Silver Collectable: Agniratha
Trade: Berryjammy (Colony 6 ☆5)
2 x Black Liver Bean Collectable: Bionis' Interior
2 x Black Beetle Collectable: Ether Mine
Trade: Norara (Colony 6 ☆1)


Level Gold Items needed Obtained from
1 8,000 G 1 x Light Rain Element Aqua Nebula on Bionis' Leg
Trade: Satata (Refugee Camp, overtrade)
1 x Kneecap Rock Collectable: Tephra Cave
Trade: Werner (Colony 9 ☆2)
2 25,000 G 2 x Dust Element Caris Nebula in Makna Forest
Trade: Hoko (Frontier Village ☆4)
3 x Sea Berry Collectable: Eryth Sea
Trade: Talia (Alcamoth ☆1)
3 50,000 G 2 x Squall Element Bono Nebula in Eryth Sea
Trade: Nelo (Alcamoth ☆3)
Trade: En Argentis after Mechonis Core
2 x Snow Element Reef Nebula in Valak Mountain
Trade: Yura (Valak, overtrade)
3 x Lemonade Sky Collectable: Makna Forest
Trade: Kilaki, Rono (☆3)
4 130,000 G 3 x Flexible Selua Cell Largo Selua in Bionis' Interior
3 x Steel Selua Cell Wool Selua in Bionis' Interior
2 x Rainbow Slug Collectable: Fallen Arm
2 x Azure Hollyhock Collectable: Mechonis Field
Trade: Scarlen after Mechonis Core
5 400,000 G 2 x Inferno Element Cratere Nebula in Prison Island
2 x Bolt Element Solare Nebula in Prison Island
3 x Blue Light Amp Collectable: Agniratha
Trade: Oleksiy (Colony 6 ☆5)
2 x Angel Engine X Collectable: Central Factory
Trade: Shilx (Colony 6 ☆5)
3 x Rabbit Diode Collectable: Colony 9
Trade: Moritz (☆1)

Completion Rewards

Condition Reward
Housing Lvl 5

Oriental Glasses

Commerce Lvl 5

Titan Arms

Nature Lvl 5


Special Lvl 5

Master Glasses

All Lvl 1

Ultra Small Reactor

All Lvl 2


All Lvl 3

Topple Plus IV

All Lvl 4

Debuff Resist V

All Lvl 5

Titan Plate


  • After the Colony is completely upgraded, beings from all across Bionis can be recruited if they do not want to stay where they are. After certain requirements are met, they can be talked to and asked if they would want to move to the newly rebuilt Colony. The largest possible population is 150.
  • When Nature is upgraded to level 3, the ether crystals' quality can also be upgraded. This also goes for Nature levels 4 and 5. This is not only for the crystal quality in the ether mine, but the two mining nodes in the Colony 6 area.
  • All buildings must be upgraded, population increased to 150 and all "Defend Colony 6" quests must be completed to receive the "Restore Colony 6 to Its Former Glory" achievement.
  • Colony 6 Reconstruction progress or completion will not be carried over to a New Game +.


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