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Map with locations of Unique Monsters found in Colony 9

This page is a list of all the Unique Monsters in Colony 9.

Name Level Location Spawntime
Dark Murakmor 18 Anti-Air Battery 3 Night
Enchanting Grune 13 Beach below Tephra Cave Entrance Dawn
Evil Rhangrot 6 Tephra Hill Any
Flailing Bracken 73 Shore north of Anti-Air Battery 2 Any
Gentle Mother Armu 37 Agora Shore Any
Gentle Rodriguez 40 Far north end of Agora Shore Any
Impenetrable Redrob 38 South side of Hazzai Cape Night
Itinerant Dorothea 6 Cliff Lake Day
Lake Magdalena 6 Small inlet under Outlook Park Night
Lakebed Orthlus 40 Agora Shore Preparing for Adventure 3 QE
Roguish Frengel 39 A cave north of Cliff Lake Any
Shadeless Matrix 44 Tunnel north of Cliff Lake Night
Speedy Ramshyde 10 Cliff Lake Any
Verdant Bluchal 5 Beach south of Anti-Air Battery 1 Any
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