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For the mission exclusive enemy, see Colubrim (mission enemy).

A Colubrim

Colubrims (Japanese: アンギィス, Angyisu) are huge Piscinoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like aquatic serpentine dragons with tentacles. There are only three known Colubrims; two Tyrants and a Mission Exclusive Enemy. They can be found in Primordia, Oblivia, and Cauldros.

Colubrims are capable of regenerating 0.5% of their maximum health every few seconds.


"Enormous, dragon-like creatures armed with multiple feelers. Each of these appendages moves as if independent of the colubrim, and features a prey-seeking mouth at the end."

"Much of their time is spent hibernating beneath rivers of magma, making the beasts a rare sight indeed. They're easy to spot when active, however, as they quickly turn their voracious appetites on every organism in the vicinity."

"With a lifespan of close to a millenium, and activity periods that are irregular at best, colubrims rarely end up reproducing more than once a century, resulting in relatively low numbers for the species."

Color Variants

Colubrims fall into two color variants:

List of Colubrims

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Colubrim (mission enemy) Black Normal Oblivia Mia Grows Up All
Elvira, the Talondrake Black Tyrant Primordia Anytime All 90
Vortice, the Deific Blast Brown Tyrant Cauldros Anytime Brimstone Rain 94


"Colubrim" is derived from Colubridae, a family of snakes. This family name is further derived from the Latin coluber, meaning snake or serpent.


  • Although being different species and having different appearance, their resistances and stats are similar to those of Millepods, they use similar animations for their arts. In addition,

for reasons unknown, killing Shuravas, the Enraged once its back fin has been destroyed and its anger climaxed will count towards the Colubrim kills achievements instead of the Millepod kills achievements. They also share the trait of the only Enemy Subcategories comprising a Mission Exclusive Enemy and two Tyrants.


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