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Commando (known as Command in the Japanese version) is a class featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is one of three classes that can be changed from Drifter. The Commando increases several Arts damage against enemies. This class provides bonuses to melee accuracy, ranged accuracy, and evasion. The basic equipped Weapons are Dual Swords and Dual Guns. Once the Class Rank reaches 10, Cross gains access to the specialized Winged Viper or Partisan Eagle. The basic Arts of the Commando are Back Slash, Early Bird and Stream Edge.

Class Ranks

Rank Arts Skills
1 Back Slash
Early Bird
2 Stream Edge
Sliding Slinger
Agile Gunslinger
3 Steady Hand
4 Upper Hand Boosted Bullets
5 Background Noise
6 Shadowrunner
7 Combo Gunner
8 Third Eye
9 Master Edge
10 Aura Burst

Specialisations (Level 3)

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