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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Illustrated Core Crystal

Core Crystals are items in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are collected throughout the game's progression. Drivers can resonate with Core Crystals by touching them to create and awaken Blades who endow their Driver with power and a weapon.

Types of Core Crystals

Name Blade Source
Common Core Crystal Common, Rare not listed below Enemies, Tiger! Tiger!
Rare Core Crystal Common, Rare not listed below Enemies, Tiger! Tiger!
Legendary Core Crystal Common, Rare not listed below Unique Monsters, Tiger! Tiger!
Unnamed Core Crystal Common (Knuckle Claws, Wind) Chapter 2
Inherited Core Crystal Sheba Margia's Odds & Ends
Beastly Core Crystal Wulfric Elder Arachno
Sealed Core Crystal Herald Theospiti Temple Ruins
Roc's Core Crystal Roc Chapter 4
Vess's Core Crystal Vess Tranquility
Lucky Core Crystal Kasandra Gluttonous Marrin
Praxis's Core Crystal Praxis Crystal Clear
Theory's Core Crystal Theory Blade-Sharp Memory
Aegaeon's Core Crystal Aegaeon From Niall to Mòrag
Ebullient Core Crystal (DLC) Crossette After getting A Firecracker of a Gal
Divine Core Crystal (DLC) Corvin After getting A Boy of Two Swords
※ If a Blade from a special limited Core Crystal is released, the Blade can be received again through normal resonating.


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There are several ways of acquiring both Rare, and Common Core Crystals through simple means, making many RNG elements of bonding much easier.


  • The Architect stated that Core Crystals were initially created to replace human brain cells to immortalize the host, but early experiments were mostly failures, resulting in the test subjects mutating into the Guldo monsters. As such, they were later re-purposed to create the Titans and Blades.