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Critical Restore is a Skill RAM/Upgrade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It provides special healing, restoring Tora's HP by up to 30% of the damage inflicted with each Critical Hit. It is equivalent in effect to the Classic Medal, Modern Medal and Avant-Garde Medal accessories.

It can be used to customize Poppi α, Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ as an Aux Core equivalent.


Skill RAM Effect Energy
Ether Crystals Technical Manual
Create Crystallize
Critical Restore I Absorbs 10% of critical damage dealt as HP. 25 150 90 ---
Critical Restore II Absorbs 15% of critical damage dealt as HP. 50 500 200 ---
Critical Restore III Absorbs 20% of critical damage dealt as HP. 75 900 330 Artificial Blade Report
Critical Restore IV Absorbs 25% of critical damage dealt as HP. 100 1,400 490 Ether R&D Revolution
Critical Restore V Absorbs 30% of critical damage dealt as HP. 125 3,600 900 Hypertech Made Easy



The Skill RAM or Upgrade variant can be crafted through Poppiswap's "Create/Crystallize" menu using Ether Crystals obtained from Tiger! Tiger! or from crystallizing other Poppi Parts. Create costs and required Technical Manuals are present in the Stats section.

Tiger! Tiger!

Skill RAM Stage Treasure
Treasure Rate (per Trove)
Chapter 2 – 7 Chapter 8+
Critical Restore I Stage 2 Small 1.50% ---
Critical Restore III Stage 2 Small 0.75% 4.00%
Critical Restore V Stage 2 Small --- 1.00%