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"Curators are the first to scout ahead to unexplored territory, bringing back whatever samples they can get their hand on: fruits, bugs, sticks, and stones--you name it. It's not all picking berries, though--being a Curator means also being the first to encounter unknown indigens."

Curators' logo

Curators is a division within BLADE. This Division pioneers and surveys Mira's various locations and collects materials for research. This division is also known as Colepedian in the Japanese version, a reference to the Collectopaedia from Xenoblade Chronicles, which was called "Colepedia" in Japanese.

Curators receive increased Division Points from gathering collectables and defeating Tyrants. Receiving division support from Curators grants Critical Master, which increases chance of inflicting critical hits.


Playable Characters


† Although during the initial cutscene of Nine Lives and Gwin's Heart-to-Heart "Dreamweavers", Mathias is stated to be a Mediator, the Affinity Chart lists him as a Curator.

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