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Dajan Sovereigns are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are members of the Sovereign family, and can be found at level 50 - 54 at the Highway 8 in the Land of Morytha. Five of them must be defeated to unlock Electra's level 4 "Shocking Assault" and Poppi QTπ's level 2 "Noponic Axion" and level 3 "Poppi Unlimitied" on their respective affinity chart.


Name Type Rarity Rate
Electric Def Up V Aux Core Rarity3 7.2%
Saber Attachment Accessory Rarity1 12.0%
Spike Defense IV Aux Core Rarity2 10.5%
Bio Gauntlet Accessory Rarity2 7.2%
Bio Gauntlet Accessory Rarity3 4.8%
Howardite Chip Core Chip Rarity1 10.8%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Rarity1 7.5%


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