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Daze is a status in Xenoblade Chronicles which stuns the target and removes auras (except for enemies' Crazed auras). While stunned, the target cannot dodge attacks, so attackers can hit the dazed target with 100% accuracy. Critical damage increases by 25% (note: critical damage cannot be stacked with topple). When an enemy is dazed, its aggro will not increase. The daze duration for enemies is 2 seconds. Daze can also break the enemy's arts tag while the enemy is casting an art. This will subsequently cause the enemy to use a different art.



  • Hidden Thorn - Fiora. Inflicts Daze upon Toppled enemies.
  • Shaker Edge - Shulk. Inflicts Daze upon Toppled enemies, however requires a short wind-up.
  • Head Shaker - Sharla. A physical attack that causes Daze upon Toppled enemies.
  • Cross Impact - Fiora. 2-hit combo that deals Daze upon Toppled enemies.
  • Mag Storm - Fiora. Inflicts Daze on Toppled Mechon in a circle around Fiora.
  • Thunder - Dunban. Hits enemies behind Dunban, forces Daze when an Aura is active.
  • Shield Bash - Reyn. A quick thrust of his shield that inflicts Daze upon Toppled enemies. Extremely fast.



Sorted by art.

Air Dive III

Back Crash II

Big Combo

Bionis Buster

Dancing Fan II

Daze Swing

Disaster Beam III

Double Check

Down Swipe

Ether Meteor II

Faint Shock

Art name is a tentative translation. The official English name is currently unknown.

Gala Crush VII

Glorious Meteor V

Hard Bash

Hard Crash

Head Shock

Head Smash

Mega Slap Combo II

Mega Slap Combo VIII

Monado Right

Onslaught One VIII

Over Junk X

Shield Bash

Shield Crash

Skull Crack

Slap Combo I


Snipe Shot I

Sniping Arrow


Tail Smash

Ultra Slap

Ultra Smash I

Volcano Dive VII

Counter Spike

Topple Spike

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