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The Defence Force is an organised militia seen in Xenoblade Chronicles. The intent of the Defence Force is to protect Colony 9 and its residents from harm, whether it be from monsters or from Mechon invasions. The Defence Force has its own district in Colony 9, the Military District, where soldiers and scientists work together in a joint effort to more easily defend the colony.

Defence Force Tasks

The Defence Force's most common job is the elimination of monsters that pose a threat to innocent passers-by in Colony 9 and in Tephra Cave, the latter also to protect Colony 6 merchants on their way through the cave. Another related task is keeping lookout at the entrances to Colony 9, so as to prevent monsters from venturing into the colony and wreaking havoc. The Defence Force is also responsible for destroying debris as it falls from higher on the Bionis before it can cause harm to citizens, and in times of Mechon attack, shooting down as many Mechon Carriers as possible and destroying any Mechon that happen to enter the colony.

Notable Members

Noteworthy members of the Defence Force include:

  • Dunban (presumably former General of the Defence Force before being crippled by the Monado)
  • Reyn (former member of the Defence Force before he and Shulk set out on their journey to find Metal Face)
  • Shulk (former Weapon Development Lab scientist before setting out on a journey to find Metal Face)
  • Vangarre (current Colonel of the Defence Force; nearly killed by Metal Face in the Mechon attack on Colony 9)
  • Dickson (fought alongside Dunban and Mumkhar at The Battle of Sword Valley)


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