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Development Levels, or Dev Levels, are a mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It measures a nation's level of economic development and the reputation of the player, similarly to Area Affinity in Xenoblade Chronicles. The mechanic only exists for areas which have significant populations, including the Argentum Trade Guild, Gormott Province, Kingdom of Uraya, Empire of Mor Ardain, Leftherian Archipelago, Indoline Praetorium and Kingdom of Tantal.

The Development Level of an area affects the price of goods purchased at shops in the area. At 0 stars, the purchase price of any shop items are twice their sell prices (which is a fixed constant). For each level increase, the purchase prices of all goods undergo a 10% discount. At 5 stars, the highest development level, items can be bought for half their original price, or exactly their sell price.

In addition, certain Merc Missions have particular Development Levels among their prerequisites.

The party can earn points towards an area's Development Level by purchasing items from shops, selling items to shops, speaking to new NPCs or NPCs with new dialogue, or completing quests.

Development Levels for individual areas are maintained separately and independently, with one exception: midway through Chapter 8, the Indoline Praetorium becomes inaccessible. Any progress made towards its Development Level is transferred to the Leftherian Archipelago.

Development Points Required for each Level

Level Points needed Total Points Needed
Level 1 1,000 1,000
Level 2 3,500 4,500
Level 3 8,000 12,500
Level 4 13,500 26,000
Level 5 20,000 46,000