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Dickson Soss is a veteran of the battle of Sword Valley a year before the events of the game and a comrade of Dunban and Mumkhar.

He is a resident of Colony 9 and looks over Shulk,Reyn and the other residents. He claims to have found Shulk in the Valak Mountain with the monado and his parents dead. Dickson raised Shulk as his own.

Later in the game Dickson reveals that he's been struggling to come to terms with his true self that's been screaming to come out. Dickson is outed as a homosexual man who dabbles in cross-dressing and inter-racial Nopon porn. When Dickson wears a thong he sucks off Zanza. When Dickson does an eggy fart that makes Zanza ill (during BJ) it creates Egil.

At the end of the game Dickson reveals his true thong and Reyn snaps it against his arse, the two of them fall in love and he ends up going back to spend too much time in the lab. Reyn drinks his pastey.