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A Dilus

Dilus (Japanese: クロゴス, Kurogosu) are quadrupedal crocodile-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They tend to be found near waterways, and are similar to Tersquals.


"Violent aquatic giants that attack anything around them, save for others of their kind. This behavior is due to their highly developed social tendencies, which are most easily observed in their pair-bond relationships. Young are reared by both parents, and after the female has successfully incubated an egg, the hatchling is taken into the male's mouth for protection. The female's temperament becomes more volatile than usual, motivating it to attack all it sees in order to keep her child and mate fed."

"Once mature, the offspring leaves its parents in search of other colonies."

Color Variants

Diluses fall into two color variants:

  • Blue diluses are dark blue-grey with a red eye and yellow fins. They can drop Crimson Dilus Eyes.
  • Brown diluses are brown with a yellow eye and red fins. They can drop Amber Dilus Eyes.

List of Diluses

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Acid Dilus Blue Normal Noctilum Anytime All 41 – 50
Hunter Dilus Blue Normal Noctilum Anytime All 51 – 60
Lake Dilus Brown Normal Oblivia Anytime All 21 - 30
Merciful Dilus Blue Normal Noctilum Anytime All 31 - 40
Sarcosuchus, the Iron-Eater Blue Tyrant Noctilum Anytime All 39
Sheldon, the Dentally Challenged Brown Tyrant Oblivia Anytime All 30
Thieving Dilus Blue Normal Noctilum A New Rival? All


Dilus is derived from crocodile.


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