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The Divine Roost is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in the northernmost section of Noctilum, and is accessible by Skell with the Flight Module. There are three Tyrants that can be found around here; two can be found flying around the large tree, while one is in it. One of these, Telethia, the Endbringer, is the most powerful enemy in the game. The missing Orpheans can be found here during A Fateful Choice, and Gnarlbranch Sap can be found here during Herbivores, Unite!.

An unexplored territory - the Sentinel's Nest - is located in the far back of the Divine Roost. Balduino, the Wicked-Eyed can be found here, along with a number of Crazed Aeviters.


Minor Enemies

Mission-exclusive Enemies




  • Due to its remote location, there is a tip to access it without a Flight Module consisting of using a careful jumping technique.[1]