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The Divine Sanctuary is a Secret Area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Makna Forest. The only path to access the sanctuary is south of Waypoint Beacon, by dropping down off a tree branch bridge onto a ledge. Through the cave, towards the waterfalls, is a small cliffside with a Wind Ether Crystal mining spot and another cave nearby. This second cave leads to the Divine Sanctuary. This can be a useful landmark while doing the missions that involve the Nopon Sage (Legend of the Sage, Challenge of the Sage and Final Challenge of the Sage). This landmark is also where the Mushroom Cap must be cast off from during Rest in Peace, given by Satata.

Along the way to the Divine Sanctuary, one can find Teneb Vangs. On the cliffside near the Divine Sanctuary, one can find a group of Klanis Apis, as well as a Hasal Apis by night.


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