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Division Points, also known as DP, are an important mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are earned by performing various BLADE-related activities, such as completing Missions, defeating Enemies, planting Data Probes, or gathering Collectibles. When enough DP are earned, Cross's BLADE Level will increase.

The amount of DP earned is greater when the activity is related to Cross's current Division. For example, Pathfinders are responsible for planting Data Probes, and will earn more DP than other divisions do for that activity.

When playing online, Division Points are also used to determine the daily global ranking of each division, with all players in a division contributing to their division's score.

It takes 141,500 DP to reach BLADE Lv.10. However, the game does not show cumulative DP totals; instead it shows the amount of DP earned since reaching the current level and the amount needed to reach the next level.

DP needed to raise BLADE Level

BLADE Lv. DP needed DP total
1 0
2 1,000 1,000
3 3,000 4,000
4 5,000 9,000
5 7,500 16,500
6 10,000 26,500
7 15,000 41,500
8 20,000 61,500
9 30,000 91,500
10 50,000 141,500

Activities which boost DP

The following table shows which divisions earn bonus DP for a particular activity.

Activity Img world02 08
Img world02 07
Img world02 10
Img world02 05
Img world02 06
Img world02 09
Img world02 11
Img world02 12
Planting data probes Yes Yes
Discovering locations Yes Yes
Defeating enemies Yes Yes
Completing missions Yes Yes
Defeating tyrants Yes Yes
Opening treasure boxes Yes
Obtaining collectibles Yes
Mining precious resources Yes
Leveling up AMs Yes
Earning R&D points Yes
Training scouted BLADEs Yes
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