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The Drainage Control Room Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the only shop in the Ether Mine. It consists of a Nopon Merchant in the upper levels of the mine. It has a good selection of arts manuals for Reyn and Sharla, as well as two for Shulk.



Item Slots Price
Steady Driver 1 4,800 G
Air Sniper 0 5,000 G
Army Pike 0 5,200 G
Stealth Rifle 0 8,200 G


Item Slots Price
Grand Gear 0 3,280 G
Pelt Cap 1 3,360 G


Item Slots Price
Pelt Top 0 5,600 G
Legar Armour 0 5,850 G


Item Slots Price
Grand Gauntlets 0 2,650 G
Pelt Gloves 1 2,700 G


Item Slots Price
Legar Leggings 0 4,800 G
Pelt Bottoms 1 5,400 G


Item Slots Price
Pelt Shoes 0 3,360 G
Grand Boots 0 3,780 G

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price
Bone Upper Reyn 2,400 G
Slit Edge Shulk 3,200 G
Hammer Beat Reyn 3,200 G
Wild Down Reyn 3,600 G
Back Slash Shulk 4,000 G
Light Heal Shulk 4,800 G
Rage Reyn 4,800 G
Metal Blast Sharla 7,200 G
Heal Round Sharla 8,200 G
Berserker Reyn 9,700 G
Last Stand Reyn 10,800 G
Shield Bash Reyn 11,800 G
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