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Drub Sovereigns are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are Familion-type members of the Sovereign family, and can be found at level 65 - 67 at the Colossus Hangar in the First Low Orbit Station. Three of them spawn when the party approaches the door at the north end of the Hangar, appearing near the middle of the hangar and quickly driving north to the door.


Art Type Hits Range Reaction Effect
Assault Wheelie Physical 1 Single Target Break The user is considered Broken when using this art.
Tail Slide Physical 1 Circle Topple -
Thunder Drive Physical 1 Ahead Blowdown -


Name Type Rarity Rate
Quantum Scarf Accessory Common (rarity 1) 14.0%
Specials Lv 3 Plus IV Aux Core Rare (rarity 2) 9.8%
Range Boost Up IV Aux Core Rare (rarity 2) 9.8%
Beta Scope Accessory Rare (rarity 2) 7.2%
Beta Scope Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4.8%
Hadron Chip Core Chip Rare (rarity 2) 9.0%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Common (rarity 1) 12.5%