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Eclipse Gauntlets are heavy arms armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are made with technology left by the Machina.


For other armour pieces with the same appearance, see Armour Recognition.
Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
Pc015803 Pc025803 Cannot Wear Pc045803
Sharla Riki Melia
Pc055803 Pc065803 Pc075803


Enemy drops

Notes: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!. Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

Enemy Area Rate
Gimran EgelPrison Island16.3 %
Obart ObartPrison Island14.6 %
Exposure WolfolValak Mountain13.3 %
Wandering AmonValak Mountain13.3 %
Jelly SeluaBionis' Interior11.3 %
Mystical KlesidaBionis' Interior10.8 %
Powerful EligosFallen Arm10.2 %
Wicked SallosFallen Arm10.2 %
Admiral ArachnoBionis' Leg9.6 %
Canyon ValenciaBionis' Leg9.6 %
Envy GogolBionis' Leg9.6 %
Feltl EksValak Mountain9.6 %
Field AltrichBionis' Leg9.6 %
General ArachnoBionis' Leg9.6 %
Gluttony GogolBionis' Leg9.6 %
Immovable GonzalezBionis' Leg9.6 %
Last RhogulBionis' Leg9.6 %
Mysterious BarnabyBionis' Leg9.6 %
Setor EksValak Mountain9.6 %
Tempest VangBionis' Leg9.6 %
Territorial RotbartBionis' Leg9.6 %
Aora Telethia (Alcamoth)Alcamoth8.2 %
Aora Telethia (Eryth Sea)Eryth Sea8.2 %
Arel Telethia (Alcamoth)Alcamoth8.2 %
Arel Telethia (Eryth Sea)Eryth Sea8.2 %
Asara Telethia (Alcamoth)Alcamoth8.2 %
Asara Telethia (Eryth Sea)Eryth Sea8.2 %
Babeli BargPrison Island8.2 %
Bizarre RagoelEryth Sea8.2 %
Bulganon NebulaEryth Sea8.2 %
Carbon TudeEryth Sea8.2 %
Clamorous DablonEryth Sea8.2 %
Deadly MedorloEryth Sea8.2 %
Eryth RhanaEryth Sea8.2 %
Goldi KromarEryth Sea8.2 %
Lograt KromarEryth Sea8.2 %
Sacred ZagameiEryth Sea8.2 %
Sol GradyEryth Sea8.2 %
Stormy BelagonEryth Sea8.2 %
Trava KromarEryth Sea8.2 %
Zeldi KromarEryth Sea8.2 %
Abnormal Clone BargPrison Island7 %
Majestic Clone BargPrison Island7 %
Primordial Telethia (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Arielle (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Donnis (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Galdo (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Galvin (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Kaelin (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Lecrough (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Lesunia (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Vol'aren (QE)Alcamoth0 %
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