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This page lists all the quests available in the Empire of Mor Ardain.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the legend at the bottom of the page.

Quest Name Giver Place Prerequisites Rewards
Ecological Survey Notice Board Nharil Central Plaza 200 Dev Points
150 Trust
1,580 G
1,440 EXP
102 SP
Defeat Arrodh Stulc Hardhaigh Palace Insurgent Investigations accepted 1,200 EXP
144 SP
Defeat Bhianc Stulc Hardhaigh Palace Insurgent Investigations accepted 1,080 EXP
162 SP
Defeat Wiggins Stulc Hardhaigh Palace Insurgent Investigations accepted 960 EXP
180 SP
Farewell, Good Friend Farraw Ayvill Shopping District Aegaeon and Brighid in the party
Insurgent Investigations completed
1,000 Dev Points
300 Trust
10,560 EXP
375 SP
Angrite Chip
Arts Stealth V
Specials Lv 4 Plus V
Hard to Stomach Hansatra Nharil Central Plaza 200 Dev points
150 Trust
3,580 G
EXP and SP vary on route taken
Road to the Capital Pidede Anangham 2 Dock 100 Dev points
100 Trust
1,650 G
860 EXP
68 SP
Insect Hunter II
We Meet Again Jac Ayvill Shopping District "Working Together With Mòrag" cutscene viewed 800 Dev points
250 Trust
2,170 G
140 SP
EXP and other rewards vary on route taken
The Nopon Murals Alisdeigh Beraf Industry Ward 500 Dev points
200 Trust
1,070 G
1,280 EXP
96 SP
Metal Nopon Mask
Sunlight Eye II
The Ties That Bind Vale Nharil Central Plaza Vale's Affinity Chart Lv. 5 "Accursed Prison" unlocked 200 Trust
7,790 G
8,600 EXP
324 SP
Dark Reflect
Arts Aggro Boost V
Tyrant Ring
World Tree Disaster Aki Port Anangham "Who is Weak and Who is Not" cutscene viewed 400 Dev points
200 Trust
4,110 G
4,780 EXP
180 SP
Titan Hunter V
Ether Defence Up V
Lila's Location Story event Jakolo's Inn "Working Together with Mòrag" cutscene 560 EXP
Insurgent Investigations Stulc Hardhaigh Palace Bana's Secret Treasure and We Meet Again completed 800 Dev points
250 Trust
2,960 G
2,700 EXP
191 SP
Magnet Chip
Apprentice Vambraces
Dark Def Up II
Failure and Success Ellenora Nharil Central Plaza Perceval's level 3 Key Affinity unlocked 200 Trust
1,970 G
3,600 EXP
255 SP
Magnet Chip
Machine Hunter II
Evasion Focus II
Lost Kingdom Dagas Midorl Bridge Dagas's Level 5 Affinity Chart unlocked
Time is evening (16:00 – 18:59)
200 Trust
6,260 G
6,820 EXP
279 SP
Fire Def Up V
Mirror Matter Chip
Ancient Banner
Avant-Garde Medal
Dagas's Past: Gormott Dagas Alba Cavanich "Lost Kingdom" accepted
Industrial Sort of Tour (DLC) Toutour Port Anangham Chapter 5
Unlock Key Item collected
200 Dev points
300 Trust
4,720 G
4,400 EXP
270 SP
Tank Mod IV
Evasion Mod IV
AB HP Potion III
Persevering Strength II
Midnight Feasting (DLC) Mughtal Nharil Central Plaza Chapter 7
Unlock Key Item collected
300 Dev points
300 Trust
7,540 G
8,080 EXP
345 SP
Beta Scope
Machine Hunter IV
Blade Combo Boost IV
Howardite Chip
The Lone Watchman (DLC) Maddock Hardhaigh Dock, Lv. 2 Chapter 10 started
Mòrag is party leader
Unlock Key Item collected
500 Dev points
500 Trust
9,340 G
10,560 EXP
375 SP
0-Battle Course+
Alphabet Course+
Titan Hunter V
Indoor Attack Up V
Search for Alec (DLC) Amir Geothermal Plant Lobby Hot Spring Bonanza accepted 100 Dev points
100 Trust
21,020 G
21,120 EXP
844 SP
Search for Sarrac (DLC) Amir Geothermal Plant Lobby Hot Spring Bonanza accepted 100 Dev points
100 Trust
21,480 G
22,440 EXP
797 SP
Search for Tekuteku (DLC) Amir Geothermal Plant Lobby Hot Spring Bonanza accepted 100 Dev points
100 Trust
20,550 G
23,760 EXP
750 SP
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