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Ether Crystal DE

Ether crystal deposits inside the Ether Mines

Ether Crystals, or simply crystals, are Ether in solid form. Through the process of Gem Crafting, Ether Crystals can be processed into Gems.


On Bionis, Ether Crystals can be mined from Ether Crystal deposits. On Mechonis, they can be found in ether gears instead of Ether Crystal deposits.

Ether Crystals can also be found in silver and gold Treasure Chests dropped by defeated enemies. Mechanical enemies, such as Mechon and Andos, are exceptions. They drop Ether Cylinders instead.


Ether Crystals are named according to their rank and source, for example Pretty Hode Crystal or Rare Wind Crystal. The first word of a crystal's name always indicates its rank:

Rank Name
Level 1 Crystal
Level 2 Crystal
Level 3 Crystal
Level 4 Crystal
Level 5 Crystal

The second word indicates its source. If the crystal was obtained by defeating an enemy, the second word will reflect that in some way, such as Ponio, Volff, Kromar, etc. For a crystal obtained by mining, the name will reflect the element of the crystal, such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, or Electric.


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