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For the gem, see Ether Def Down.

Ether Defence Down (also called Ether Def Down) is a Debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles. It reduces the target's Ether Defence, thereby increasing the damage received from ether attacks.

When inflicted on a party member, the character's ether defence is reduced by a percentage. For example, if the character's ether defence is 200, an Ether Def Down 25% debuff would reduce it to 150, causing him to take an extra 50 points of damage from ether attacks.

When inflicted on an enemy, the debuff's percentage is subtracted from the enemy's ether defence percentage, possibly reducing it below zero. For example, if one enemy's ether defence is 80% and another's is 25%, inflicting Ether Def Down 50% would reduce their ether defence to 30% and -25% respectively.





Enemies are grouped by the name of the battle art.

Black Matter

Dark Breath

Energy Flash

Ether Bullet

Ether Chaff

Ether Jammer

Ether Laser

Ether Particles

Howling Grudge

Killer Shot

Machinery Field

Magnetic Field: First

Magnetic Field: Zero

Mind Down

Remote Cannon

Surprise Shock

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