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The Ether Mine (Japanese: 中央採掘場, Chūō Saikutsuba, lit. Central Mine) is an area beneath Colony 6 in Xenoblade Chronicles. It has several levels, the lowest of which houses a river of Ether. It is a good source of Ether Crystals (which allows players to create their own Cylinders to create Gems). After the plot progresses, all of the Landmarks and Locations of the "Central Pit" become inaccessible.


Central Pit DE

Central Pit from below

Looking for a way to sneak into Colony 6, Sharla suggests they take the Ether Mine since the Mechon cannot have found all the passages yet. Unfortunately she is incorrect, as not only do Mechon patrol most levels of the Ether Mine, their leader Xord has taken the lowest level of the Central Pit as a banquet hall.

Additional Information

The Ether Mine is an excellent source of Ether Cylinders for making Gems. After Xord is defeated for the second time, the Central Pit of the mine cannot be accessed any longer; only the cave remains accessible.

After the reconstruction of Colony 6 begins, each time the level of Nature in the colony is increased, beyond level two, the ether crystals in the mine raise their level in turn.

It is said that the Mechon attacked Colony 6 in order to gain control of the mine, as it would allow them to fuel raids along all of Bionis.

Landmarks and Locations

(Areas marked in Italics cannot be revisited after Xord is defeated)

Ether Mine DE Map

Map of Ether Mine


GF Landmarks

B1F Landmarks

B3F Landmarks

B4F Landmarks


GF Locations

B1F Locations

B2F Locations

B3F Locations

Note: Freight Elevator is both a landmark (GF) and a location (B3F).


The rank of crystals obtained from deposits one through eight begins at two and increases up to rank five as the Nature level of Colony 6 is increased.

Deposits nine through nineteen become inaccessible atfer Xord is defeated.

  1. W of Drainage Control Room [Earth]
  2. N of Test Pit 3 [Wind]
  3. S of Test Pit 2 [Fire]
  4. S at Glowmoss Lake [Water]
  5. First deposit ESE of Central Terminal [Electric]
  6. S of Test Pit 4 [Ice]
  7. Second deposit ESE of Central Terminal [Fire]
  8. E of Test Pit 4 [Ice]
  9. S of Personnel Lift 2 [Water]
  10. SW of Central Pit - Entrance [Wind]
  11. B1F NE crystal deposit [Fire]
  12. B1F N crystal deposit [Electric]
  13. SSE of Regulation Piston [Earth]
  14. B2F E-most crystal deposit [Electric]
  15. B2F N-most crystal deposit [Earth]
  16. B2F NW crystal deposit [Ice]
  17. B2F W-most crystal deposit [Fire]
  18. NNW of Personnel Lift 3 [Wind]
    • Agility Up II
    • Quick Step II
  19. B3F N-most crystal deposit [Ice]

Points of Interest


Normal Minor Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters




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