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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Fallen Arm (Japanese: 落ちた腕, Ochita Ude) is the left arm of Mechonis that was dismembered in the fight with Bionis before plummeting to the sea below, prior to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles. The island is the home of the Machina, and it is where Fiora reunites with the group.

After the events at the Mechonis Core, the Fallen Arm is the only area on Mechonis that is accessible until the next playthrough.


Shulk jumps off Galahad Fortress to save Fiora, and the rest of the party falls after the platform on which they are standing breaks off of the structure, landing in the ocean near the arm in the process.

Shulk has a dream where he is falling down a hole and someone that looks like him is standing there. He wakes up, and looks around for Fiora. After he finds her, he drags her out of the Mechon suit and goes to collect some water. After he collects the water, he tries to make Fiora drink, which fails. Then, he drinks some water, but keeping it in his mouth, then pouring it in Fiora's, giving her a kiss, which wakes her up. At first Shulk stills thinks it is someone else, but she touches his face saying "My first kiss." An ecstatic Shulk hugs her. Meanwhile, Reyn and Sharla are in a small place. Reyn seems to have lost some courage but Sharla gets him together again. Dunban, Riki and Melia are walking with Melia getting tired. Riki notices this and asks the party to take a break. He goes to catch a fish and Dunban asks if he is tired or if he is covering for Melia. Riki agrees and asks Dunban what is wrong. Dunban then tells him about Fiora and how he looked after her for most of his life. Later, Reyn and Sharla meet up with Shulk and Fiora. After exiting the large tomb, Shulk, Fiora, Reyn and Sharla are taken to the Hidden Machina Village and it is there where they meet with Dunban, Melia and Riki. They meet up with the Machina Chief, Miqol, who asks them to kill his son Egil.

Later, Fiora is seen getting weaker and Linada asks Shulk if he can get a Piezoelectric Unit for her. After the item is obtained, the party heads towards Mechonis' foot.

Landmarks and Locations


Map of the Fallen Arm


Lower Level Landmarks

Upper Level Landmarks


Lower Level Locations


  1. E of Silver Wreckage [Earth]
  2. Power Pipe Ruins [Ice]
  3. 5th Pulse Zone [Earth]
  4. E of Giant Mechon Debris [Ice]
  5. Ether Exhaust System [Earth]
  6. Digit 2 S on a platform at sea level [Ice]


Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters




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In Project X Zone 2

The Fallen Arm's Wreckage Beach is the area of the Chapter 30: Way Beyond Good And Evil in Project X Zone 2.


  • After the battle between Bionis and Mechonis, Egil rebuilds Mechonis' left arm, which can be seen after Mechonis reawakens.
  • Collectables from Sword Valley, Mechonis Field and Agniratha can be found on a platform under the village reachable only from water; after these areas become inaccessible. However, they do not spawn until a certain Machina NPC in Colony 6 is spoken to. This Machina can be found talking to a High Entia just next to a tree, near the place where Nic is found.
  • The Fallen Arm can be seen from Splintered Path in Colony 6, and from Kneecap Hill in Tephra Cave.


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