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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

ma1602 (谷底〜隠里, Tanisoko Kakurezato, lit. Hidden Village at the Bottom of the Valley) is an unused area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is an early version of the Fallen Arm without NPCs or enemies. It may have been intended as a separate map for the Hidden Machina Village, in a similar vein to Frontier Village and Alcamoth.

Fallen Arm Comparisons

Here is some information regarding this area:

  • This is the only unused location to have a map, which is reused from the Fallen Arm.
  • The safe and hazardous parts of the ocean transition more harshly than in the final, and swimming into the hazardous parts deals no damage.
  • The collision is off in some places, which results in you clipping through some areas, such as the hill leading up to the Giant Mechon Debris, or even falling into pits that are inescapable without a moonjump cheat. This also results in several of the climbing walls being impossible to climb.
  • There is an additional island in the Hidden Machina Village next to the pipe that leads to Digit 5 Beach that was removed in the final map.
  • Some of the Mechon corpses on Digit 5 Beach float in the air, and Metal Face's corpse at the Black Wreckage is mostly submerged into the ground and lacks the spire that impaled him at Sword Valley.
  • Metal Face's model is that of his first appearance, instead of his upgraded form first seen on Prison Island.
  • When the weather changes to rain, the skies will darken but the rain effects don't load.
  • The small dock area located on Digit 2 and the Distant Fingertip landmark do not exist.
  • Several rocks on the map appear to glimmer. This is actually an effect intended for the crystals in Zakt Spring, and the final's Zakt Spring lacks this effect.
  • While present, it is nearly impossible to access the Ether Exhaust System, due to the aformentioned broken collision.
  • Instead of Radiocarpea Coast, there is instead a climbing wall.


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