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Farewell, Good Friend is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is received by Farraw in the Ayvill Shopping District of the Empire of Mor Ardain. After this quest is completed, high-level enemies such as Beast-Hunter William will appear in the Olethro Playhouse. This quest will be available once Insurgent Investigations has been completed.


  1. "Collect five bits of Rosary Moss at the World Tree."
  2. "Deliver the Rosary Moss to Farraw at Ayvil Shopping District in Mor Ardain."
  3. "Go and speak with Senator Stulc at Hardhaigh Palace in Mor Ardain."
  4. "Senator Stulc isn't around. Jac is nearby, so see what he has to say."
    • Aegaeon must be in the party.
  5. "Head to Port Anangham in Mor Ardain."
  6. "Defeat the Unidentified Merc."
  7. "Defeat the enemies that come to Midorl Bridge in Mor Ardain."
  8. "Strike deep into Brionac Occupied Zone in Mor Ardain crushing the last remnants of Brionac."
  9. "Defeat the Brionac agents."
  10. "Report back to Jac in Port Anagham in Mor Ardain."
  11. "Gather information about Senator Stulc at Torika Alley in Uraya."
  12. "Head to the Great Stairway in Uraya."
  13. "Follow Zadazan."
  14. "Defeat the Drivers."
  15. "Report back to Jac at Hardhaigh Palace in Mor Ardain."


"Senator Stulc was affiliated with shady rebel faction Lindwurm. We'll have to settle the score with them soon."