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Feltley Village is a landmark in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is located just north of the Cropwoods of Yorn in the Lasaria Region, before Uccar's Trail.

There are multiple Treasure Troves and Collection Points here, and the Crimson Slate Piece can be found here.


Minor Enemies



Lora and Jin make their way to the village intending to meet Haze, but find that the village has been destroyed by Malos and that Haze has not yet arrived. A single Gargoyle remains roaming the crater left by the attack but is destroyed by Mythra who, alongside Addam, has been hunting Malos. The two mistake Lora as the thief who stole Jin's core crystal from the Tornan royalty, and a fight commences. Upon recognizing Lora and Jin's strengths, Addam decides to befriend the pair and joins the party permanently.


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