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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

"Life's little surprises are what makes it great. We don't know what's going to happen. It's worrying sometimes, but it's also exciting, don't you think?"
— Fiora

Fiora (Japanese: フィオルン, Fiorun, Fiorung; English dub: /fiˈɔərə/) is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn, and is the younger sister of Dunban with whom she lives in his house in Colony 9. She has a soft spot for Shulk and often cooks for him, for which he is grateful. She becomes playable during Chapter 1 alongside Shulk and Reyn.


Fiora has been shown to be a very kind and caring person who wants to help everyone. She is the primary carer for her brother in the year after his injury at the Battle of Sword Valley, and also incredibly protective of Shulk, to the point where she does not even trust Reyn with his safety.

Fiora spending time with Shulk

Fiora is an energetic, cheerful and playful person. She has been shown to be able to read people rather easily, such as when she predicts Reyn and Shulk would forget the Ether canisters and when she reads peoples' emotions in her Heart-to-Hearts. This trait allows her to get to know every member of the party extremely fast, possibly indicating that she makes friends easily. The byproduct of this trait is that Fiora can convey and show her emotions easily and does frequently, however she tends to show all of her emotions.

Despite being a careful person, Fiora does not hesitate to take courageous, self-sacrificing actions when necessary to protect others, which can lead to dire consequences (most notably her own death). She notes that this was reckless in a Heart-to-Heart with Dunban and vows not to make the same mistake again. Fiora will do nearly anything to help people, but she often does so without thinking about how everyone will feel afterwards.

In some heart-to-hearts, it is implied that Fiora is in fact very scared about the situations she is in, but puts on a brave face so she does not feel like a dead weight. This trait further develops near the story's climax as starts to verbally express that she is a dead weight to everyone.


Fiora is a young woman of average stature (about 160 cm; 5'3") and has rounded green eyes. Fiora has long blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders and a somewhat petite frame. However, despite her delicate frame Fiora is very physically fit. Fiora's default outfit consists of a white bralette with knitted sleeves, a short orange skirt with brown accessories over white shorts, and brown leggings. She wears white heeled shoes, a pink clip in her hair, and a choker with a red gem attached.

After the events of Galahad Fortress, Fiora has a different appearance with a mechanised body; she now possesses a white, black and gold exoskeleton suit matching the appearance of Face Nemesis, with two wing-like cannons and a shorter haircut. A raised golden triangle on her chest is the source of her power.


Fiora commandeers the Mobile Artillery

The Colony 9 Attack

Fiora assists Shulk and Reyn in collecting replacement cylinders for the Mobile Artillery and fighting off the Mechon when they attack Colony 9.

During this attack, Fiora is separated from Shulk and Reyn and finds a Mobile Artillery that had previously crashed into a house. She pilots it, firing off several rounds of ammunition at Metal Face. She then charges Metal Face head on, blasting the artillery's main cannon at point-blank range. Despite all this, Metal Face takes very little damage and stabs Fiora, apparently killing her. Eventually, the Mechon raiders call back their troops and Metal Face is forced to leave, taking Fiora's corpse with them. After the assault ends, Dunban comments that Fiora would not have wished for Shulk to feel remorse for her loss, as she died defending him. The grief and desire for revenge drives Shulk and Reyn to leave the colony in search of Metal Face, in order to avenge Fiora.

Face Nemesis

Fiora piloting Nemesis

Unbeknownst to Shulk, Fiora's body has been taken - along with other Homs victims - to the Central Factory of the Mechonis in order to be transformed into the pilot unit of a Faced Mechon. Unlike most she is not used for a Mass-Produced Face, but instead deemed viable to house the soul of Lady Meyneth and to pilot Face Nemesis. Although Nemesis' construction is authorised by the leader of Mechonis, the soul transfer is secret, and causes Fiora to reawaken under the control of Meyneth rather than her own freedom. Although conscious, Fiora has no control over her body and can only observe as Nemesis and Metal Face are sent on a mission to Prison Island.

The encounter has been timed to coincide with Shulk's arrival on the island and, furious at the return of the Mechon, Shulk attempts to slash Metal Face with a newly powered-up Monado. Recognising that this will destroy Metal Face, Meyneth shields him with Nemesis, causing her front armour to be damaged and reveal Fiora's body as the pilot. Shulk and Dunban are horrified to find that she appears to retain no memory of them or her life as a Homs, and she and Metal Face retreat.

Nemesis on Valak Mountain

After repairs, Meyneth recognises that the body she inhabits is experiencing feelings for Shulk and she sets out in Nemesis to see him again at Valak Mountain, not realising she is tailed by Metal Face. Metal Face incapacitates Nemesis and threatens to kill Fiora again if Shulk does not hand the Monado over to him, which Shulk does. They proceed to battle until the true leader of Mechonis - Egil, in Yaldabaoth - arrives and stops them. Egil then takes Fiora and her Nemesis back to Galahad Fortress, goading the party to fight him there.

Fiora's return

At Galahad Fortress, the party is forced to fight both Nemesis and Yaldaboath, as he is able to control other Mechon. Fiora gains enough strength to cry out in Meyneth's mind, begging her to save Shulk. This gives Nemesis the strength to break free of Egil's will and she destroys half of Galahad Fortress, astonishing Egil but greatly damaging her Face. Shulk stumbles toward the unresponsive Nemesis even as Galahad Fortress collapses, and the party plummet to the Fallen Arm, which mangles Nemesis on impact but leaves Fiora's body unharmed. When she wakes, Fiora has control of herself for the first time since her death, as the power Meyneth exerted in the fortress exhausted her into retreating to a sleeping state in Fiora's mind.

Shulk revives Fiora with water

Her return overjoys Shulk and later Dunban, who they rendezvous with alongside the rest of the party in the Hidden Machina Village. Fiora expresses that she wants to help the person living in her despite everything that has been done to her by Mechonis forces, and encourages the party to trust the Machina who retool her body to be able to survive outside her Face unit. She accompanies the party as they ascend Mechonis, and lets Meyneth take control to explain the history between the Bionis and Mechonis, and their war. Meyneth is revealed to be the soul of the Mechonis and counterpart to Zanza, and that Fiora's body was used to house her due to her closeness to the heir to Zanza's Monado - Shulk.

Fiora and Meyneth fight Zanza

The party find Egil who calls Meyneth and his sister, Vanea - who implemented the soul transfer - traitors to Mechonis and he descends into Mechonis Core to activate the Mechonis in Meyneth's place. Following his defeat and Zanza's subsequent awakening, Meyneth uses Fiora's body again to fight Zanza in order to protect the party. Fiora agrees with Meyneth's resolve but, as Meyneth's Monado is in use as Fiora's life force, Zanza is stronger than them and unleashes an attack aimed directly at the party, who have no way to defend themselves. Meyneth exits Fiora's body to absorb the full power of the attack and is killed.

Meyneth leaves Fiora's body

Afterwards, Fiora's body begins to weaken - without Meyneth's Monado, which was housed in the triangular attachment on her chest, Fiora is slowly dying. Fiora purposely tries to withhold this from Shulk so that she can continue to assist the party and spare him emotional distress, but when it does come out she insists she is fine. This does not prevent her from helping the party destroy Zanza.

Following the credits, the player sees the new world through Fiora's perspective until she finds Shulk. Here, it is revealed that she has been restored into her Homs body, although her hair hasn't regrown yet. She expresses excitement at the thought of exploring the new world and meeting its inhabitants alongside Shulk.

Fiora's restoration

The door leading to the regeneration device

It is revealed in a short story from Xenoblade: The Secret File - Monado Archives that sometime between the events at the Mechonis Core and the ending scene, Linada informs Shulk of the possible existence of an ancient High Entia regeneration chamber which will give Fiora back her old body. However, Fiora must go into the chamber for six months. Shulk discovers the Regeneration Chamber behind a locked door in the cylinder hanger after having seen Melia, now empress of the High Entia, commanding it to open in a vision. Fiora refuses to go into the chamber until the party defeats Zanza, knowing that she would not be able to help them in her old body. Once Zanza has been destroyed, Fiora enters the chamber; however, the game does not show this. The final cutscene takes place after Fiora's half year in the regeneration chamber.

In battle

One of Fiora's Talent Art after rejoining

In battle, Fiora fights using a set of twin knives or daggers. She is a fast attacker, slightly weaker than Shulk in terms of offensive prowess, but able to deal fast, consecutive attacks.

After the events at Galahad Fortress, Fiora becomes the only party member able to wear Mechonis armour, which allows her to adapt her role in battle, as well as to inflict normal damage to Mechon without the need for Monado Enchant, Topple or anti-Mechon weapons. Fiora's ability to use Mechonis armour, as well as the variety of buffs she can obtain through her arts make her a highly adaptable fighter.

General stats

Max Level Max HP Max Strength Max Ether Max Agility
99 6,320 597 470 138

※ These stats are raw and do not include the bonuses from the skill lines.

  • Each auto-attack hit adds 10% to her talent gauge (Butterfly Step); in her mechanised body, each auto-attack hit adds 4% to her talent gauge (Drones).
  • Auto-attacks go off twice with each activation; Double Attacks will hit four times.
  • Can do burst damage (both physical and ether) with several arts, especially her talent arts.
  • In her mechanised body, she can use a variety of talent arts depending on the "foot" gear equipped.


  • Fiora Drones.png Drones [Talent Art] Activates the drones on Fiora's back, depending on her "Foot" equipment
    • Cannon Drones (deal great ether damage in a straight line)
    • Gun Drones (a 6-hit area ether damage combo)
    • Sword Drones (a 10-hit physical combo on a single enemy)
    • Shield Drones (At level 1 it mimics Shulk's Talent Art "Monado Shield", but at level 2 provides debuff immunity)
  • Shulk BackSlash.png Double Blade (triples damage as a back-attack) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Reyn SwordDrive.png Spear Blade (using this on a Toppled enemy triples damage) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora CrossImpact.png Cross Impact (2-hit combo, inflicts Daze if enemy is Toppled) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora HealingEnergy.png Healing Energy [Aura] (removes debuffs, grants regenerate) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora ZeroGravity.png Zero Gravity (inflicts Paralysis in a circle around Fiora, fills Talent Gauge if used on Toppled enemies) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora EtherDrain.png Ether Drain (lowers enemy Ether and increases Fiora's, bigger effect when used on more than 1 enemy) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora AirFang.png Air Fang (2-hit combo that inflicts Break) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Reyn Lariat.png Double Wind (damages enemies in a frontal cone, increases Tension) Learnt at Level 42.
  • Fiora SecondGear.png Second Gear (increases physical Arts damage) Learnt at Level 43.
  • Reyn Engage.png Lock On [Aura] (increases critical hit rate, causes Lock On, receiving damage fills Talent Gauge) Learnt at Level 46.
  • Fiora MagStorm.png Mag Storm (inflicts Daze on Toppled Mechon in a circle around Fiora) Learnt at Level 49.
  • Fiora Shutdown.png Shutdown (inflicts sleep, purges buffs and debuffs when used on Mechon) Learnt at Level 52.
  • Reyn AnchorChain.png Guard Shift [Aura] (guarantees physical block, reduces attack power) Learnt at Level 55.
  • Fiora PowerDrain.png Power Drain (lowers enemy Strength and increases Fiora's, bigger effect when used on more than one enemy) Learnt at Level 58.
  • Dunban SpiritBreath.png Speed Shift [Aura] (grants Haste, increases Double Attack, decreases physical defense) Learnt at Level 61.
  • Fiora FinalCross.png Final Cross (4-hit combo in a frontal cone, forces Topple, requires very high Tension) Learnt after defeating Gadolt.

Original arts

  • ButterflyStep TalentArt.png Butterfly Step [Talent Art] 4-hit combo
  • Shulk BackSlash.png Power Smash (triples damage as a back-attack) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Fiora AirFang.png Screw Edge (inflicts break on a single target) One of Fiora's initial arts.
  • Shulk ShakerEdge.png Hidden Thorn (Inflicts daze on a toppled target) Learnt at Level 5.
  • Dunban GaleSlash.png Lacerate (deals damage and inflicts bleed) Learnt at Level 8.

Skill Tree

Fiora has the following Skill Branches:

Courage is one of Fiora's initial three Skill Branches. The first skill is unlocked when she joins the party, and changes when she rejoins the party much later in the game.

Prioritizing Courage improves Fiora's Critical Hit rate based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this branch:

Skills Unlocked 1 2 3 4 5
Critical Hit Rate Increase 4% 6% 8% 10% 15%


Frame Skill Effect SP Cost Link Cost
Skills-blue-diamond-1.png Medium Equipment Allows Medium Armour to be equipped.
(only accessible in the beginning of the game)
-- --
Mechonis Equipment Allows special armour from Mechonis to be equipped.
(after the events in Galahad Fortress)
Skills-yellow-square-1.png Desperate Daggers Increases counter-attack rate when HP is at half by 15%. 700 2
Skills-yellow-diamond-3.png Second Wind Increases amount of HP restored when revived by 20%. 1000 --
Skills-yellow-circle-1.png Ultimate Strike Increases damage of critical hits by 20%. 2000 13
Skills-yellow-star-3.png Unwavering Courage Fills Party Gauge by 50 if two allies are Incapacitated. 3500 28

Daring is one of Fiora's initial three Skill Branches.

Prioritizing Daring improves Fiora's Strength based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this branch:

Skills Unlocked 0 1 2 3 4 5
Strength Increase 10 30 40 50 70 100


Frame Skill Effect SP Cost Link Cost
Skills-yellow-square-1.png Battle Stance 75% chance to grant Strength Up 15% buff at start of battle. 300 2
Skills-yellow-circle-1.png Opening Blow Increases damage of the first strike of battle by 50%. 700 6
Skills-yellow-star-1.png Nimble Feet Increases movement speed by 4%. 1000 5
Skills-yellow-circle-1.png Physical Resilience Reduces physical damage taken by 10%. 2000 30
Skills-yellow-square-1.png Showdown Stance All Stats Up buff at start of battle with higher-level monsters. 3500 19

Zeal is one of Fiora's initial three Skill Branches.

Prioritizing Zeal improves Fiora's Max HP based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this branch:

Skills Unlocked 0 1 2 3 4 5
Max HP Increase 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 15%


Frame Skill Effect SP Cost Link Cost
Skills-yellow-square-1.png Desperate Defence Increases block rate by 15% when HP is at 50% or less 300 2
Skills-yellow-square-1.png Swift Strike 20% chance of Haste buff for 30 seconds at the start of a battle 700 4
Skills-blue-star-1.png Acceleration Increases EXP gained from battles by 20% 1000 29
Skills-yellow-circle-1.png Strength of Will Reduces ether damage taken by 10% 2000 30
Skills-yellow-hex-3.png Strong Links Grants Haste buff for 15 seconds with Burst Start Affinity 3500 20

Rashness is Fiora's fourth Skill Branch. It can be unlocked by completing The Oath Sword, which requires 2☆ affinity with Fallen Arm.

Prioritizing Rashness improves Fiora's counter-attack rate based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this branch:

Skills Unlocked 0 1 2 3 4 5
Counter Attack Rate Increase 2% 5% 10% 12% 15% 20%


Frame Skill Effect SP Cost Link Cost
Skills-yellow-star-1.png Vision Mode Boosts damage of next Art by 25% when warned of a Vision 200 18
Skills-yellow-star-1.png Ultimate Counter All counter attacks are also critical hits 500 60
Skills-yellow-circle-1.png Vital Force 2% chance that dealing damage will fill the Talent Gauge 800 70
Skills-yellow-star-1.png Critical Combo All double attacks are also critical hits 1000 75
Skills-yellow-star-1.png Explosion of Energy Using talent arts will raise tension by one level 1500 80

Innocence is Fiora's fifth Skill Branch. It is obtained by completing Battling Brutes, which requires the defeat of two level 98 Unique Monsters.

Prioritizing Innocence improves Fiora's Ether Defence based on the number of skills that have been unlocked in this branch:

Skills Unlocked 0 1 2 3 4 5
Ether Defence Increase 5 10 20 30 40 50


Frame Skill Effect SP Cost Link Cost
Skills-yellow-diamond-1.png Maiden's Power Improves Chain Attack damage when in battle with Shulk. 200 --
Skills-yellow-diamond-1.png Maiden's Courage Increases Arts damage if warned of a vision by Shulk. 500 --
Skills-yellow-diamond-1.png Maiden's Blessing Restores HP when taking damage when in battle with Shulk. 800 --
Skills-yellow-diamond-1.png Maiden's Zeal Prevents tension from becoming low if in battle with Shulk.
(prevents Very Low tension)
1000 --
Skills-yellow-diamond-1.png Maiden's Miracle Grants All Stats Up buff when encouraged by Shulk 1500 --


  Blue skills are always active.
  Yellow skills are active only when the character is in the battle party.
Skills-party-1.png Affects the party member with the skill.
Skills-party-3.png Affects the battle party members.
Skills-party-all.png Affects the whole party.
Skills-shape-diamond.png Skills with a diamond shape cannot be linked.
Skills with other shapes can be linked to a frame of the same shape.

Gem Crafting

Fiora owns unique Shooter and Engineer abilities for Gem Crafting, they are:


  • Cylinder Plus: Crafting begins with 3 full cylinder gauges.


  • Strong Flame: Terrible
  • Medium Flame: Great
  • Gentle Flame: Terrible


4 hearts

3 hearts

2 hearts

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

As a Blade

Shulk and Fiora make an appearance in Challenge Battle Mode, released as part of Version 1.5.0 for players with the Expansion Pass. In it, the two appear as Blades; like Poppibuster, they can freely switch between Drivers (excluding Tora) without the need of an Overdrive Protocol. However, they initially cannot be taken out of the Land of Challenge. Fiora uses the Wind element, wields Knives, and acts as an Healer in battle.

Fiora and Shulk can be engaged out of the Land of Challenge, in the world of Alrest, in their spirit form once the Alrest Linkring is obtained.

For this appearance, Fiora was redesigned by Kunihiko Tanaka, lead character designer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as the Xenogears and Xenosaga series, and designer of Finch, Elma, KOS-MOS and Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


  • Lv. 1 - Hidden Thorn - Quickly close in on the enemy and dice them into submission.
  • Lv. 2 - Power Smash - Charge up power, then unleash it in a series of airborne spinning attacks.
  • Lv. 3 - Lacerate - Deliver a rising attack, followed up with a strong downward blow.
  • Lv. 4 - Butterfly Step - Overwhelm the enemy with a flurry of high-speed blows.
Blade Arts
Blade Skills
  • Warrior Valkyrie - Increases party critical hit rate by 20% to 40% at max Affinity.
  • Explosion of Energy - Increases damage dealt by 5% to 15% each time a critical hit is dealt (max: 300%).
  • Unwavering Courage - 20% to 40% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%).
Field Skills
  • Ichthyology - Lv. 3
  • Fortitude - Lv. 3
  • Nopon Wisdom - Lv. 3

Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 100 "I guess I got stronger?"
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain Increase Trust 700 "There's still progress to be made!"
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 2,000 "I'll stand by my friends through thick and thin."
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart Increase Trust 4,000 "When it comes to protecting those you love, there's no such thing as 'too much power'!"
Blade Special Hidden Thorn 1 1 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 60% chance to spawn 2
2 2 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 70% chance to spawn 2 Complete the Challenge Battle "Bewitching Dance" "Pests eliminated! ...Though I do feel bad for the poor things..."
3 3 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 80% chance to spawn 2 Use Hidden Thorn 20 "Well isn't this fancy?"
4 4 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 90% chance to spawn 2 Use Hidden Thorn 25 "More power for me! I'll test it out in the next skirmish."
5 5 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 100% chance to spawn 2 Complete the Challenge Battle "Reinventing the Gogol" "You know I'd never lose to a novice."
Power Smash 1 1 Absorbs 60% of critical damage dealt as HP
2 2 Absorbs 70% of critical damage dealt as HP Use Power Smash 10 "This move should pack some extra punch now."
3 3 Absorbs 80% of critical damage dealt as HP Use Power Smash 15 "Ah, I think I know the trick now!"
4 4 Absorbs 90% of critical damage dealt as HP Complete the Challenge Battle "Fiercest Faction" "Victory is ours! I guess that makes 'us' the fiercest faction, huh?"
5 5 Absorbs 100% of critical damage dealt as HP Complete the Challenge Battle "Serious Showdown" "There were two of them, and they went all in, and we still won! Go us!"
Lacerate 1 1 When landing a hit, restores 30% of damage dealt to the whole party
2 2 When landing a hit, restores 35% of damage dealt to the whole party Use Lacerate 5 "This'll come in handy next time."
3 3 When landing a hit, restores 40% of damage dealt to the whole party Complete the Challenge Battle "Temperantian Standoff" "Power isn't everything, you know. Sometimes you need wiles, too."
4 4 When landing a hit, restores 45% of damage dealt to the whole party Use Lacerate 10 "Aren't I something?"
5 5 When landing a hit, restores 50% of damage dealt to the whole party Complete the Challenge Battle "Attack of the Aspar" "If Aspar can keep growing, so can we! In power, I mean. Obviously!"
Battle Skill Warrior Valkyrie 1 1 Increases party critical hit rate by 20% at max Affinity Complete the Challenge Battle "Pest Control" "Thanks to us, the fields can keep growing things in peace."
2 2 Increases party critical hit rate by 25% at max Affinity Use a Blade Art 20 "You do your best, and I'll make sure you succeed."
3 3 Increases party critical hit rate by 30% at max Affinity Complete Challenge Battles (Previous instances count towards total) 5 "All right, what's the next challenge? There's still plenty to go around."
4 4 Increases party critical hit rate by 35% at max Affinity Use a Blade Art 40 "I'll protect everyone, or my name isn't 'Fiora'."
5 5 Increases party critical hit rate by 40% at max Affinity Complete Challenge Battles (Previous instances count towards total) 10 "That should be all of them. Congrats!"
Explosion of Energy 1 1 Increases damage dealt by 5% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300)
2 2 Increases damage dealt by 7% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300) Collect a lot of Ether Cubes in Challenge Battles. (Previous instances count towards total.) 4,000 "I feel like we can do better."
3 3 Increases damage dealt by 10% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300) Collect a lot of Ether Cubes in Challenge Battles. (Previous instances count towards total.) 11,000 "That's a fair few we've collected!"
4 4 Increases damage dealt by 12% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300) Collect a lot of Ether Cubes in Challenge Battles. (Previous instances count towards total.) 21,000 "We're in the home stretch now!"
5 5 Increases damage dealt by 15% each time a critical hit is dealt (max:300) Collect a lot of Ether Cubes in Challenge Battles. (Previous instances count towards total.) 34,000 "There. I think that should be enough."
Unwavering Courage 1 1 20% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%)
2 2 25% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%) Receive a certain amount of total damage 5,000 "Some things in life you just have to... wait out, I guess."
3 3 30% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%) Collect an HP Potion 20 "Heal early and heal often, that's my motto."
4 4 35% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%) Receive a certain amount of total damage 50,000 "Tougher than you thought, eh?"
5 5 40% more damage dealt for each enemy in the battle (max: 250%) Collect an HP Potion 100 "Shore up on our defenses! And if things get dicey, don't forget to heal."
Field Skill Ichthyology 1 3 Knowledge related to fish Use Cloud Sea Crab Sticks 1 "Mythra likes these too, right? Girl's got good taste! Yum!"
2 4 Use a Bagna Oyster Roll 1 "I'm learning a lot from you all! Though a lot of it seems to be about food..."
3 5 Use Fiora's favorite pouch item from the Seafood category 1 "I'd never had that fish before, but I kinda like it!"
Fortitude 1 3 The power to endure hardships. It even helps cope with boring jobs Walk a lot 5,000 "It's a great big new world out there! Let's tread carefully."
2 4 Swim a lot 100 "Swimming in the Cloud Sea feels like... It feels like nothing else!"
3 5 Walk a lot 10,000 "It's so much fun having a whole new world to explore!"
Nopon Wisdom 1 3 Knowledge related to Nopon. Decode writing, speak Nopon, etc. Collect Fusty Funguses (Currently held items count towards total) 10 "So this is what Nopon like? Hmm..."
2 4 Collect Nopopomouli (Currently held items count towards total) 5 "It looks just like a Nopon! Cute!"
3 5 Use Honey au Lait 1 "Nopon look cute, but they certainly have a dark side to them..."

In Project X Zone 2

Fiora in Project X Zone 2

Fiora is a playable character in Project X Zone 2, a strategy RPG developed by Monolith Soft. She appears in the game and is one half of a pair unit, partnered with KOS-MOS from Monolith's Xenosaga series.

In Super Smash Bros.

Fiora has two Trophies, one of her Homs form and one of her half-Mechon form, dubbed Mecha-Fiora in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Fiora also makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with her Mecha-Fiora form now appearing in Shulk's Final Smash. She also has two Spirits that can be found on the Spirit Board as well as in the Adventure mode; her Homs form is available as a Support Spirit in World of Light that provides the Made of Metal ability, and her Mecha-Fiora form appears as a Primary Spirit in the World of Dark's Sacred Realm. The Mecha-Fiora Spirit grants its user boosted jump abilities. Her Mecha-Fiora form is an icon to select for the player's online profile.


Main article: Fiora's Quotes
  • "Sometimes, you just gotta get wild."
  • "I'll carry on fighting beside you until the very end."
  • "It is not only you that has the right. Every living thing has the freedom to choose the path they walk. And THAT is the future!"


"Dunban, don't say that! The Mechon have gone now! Why would you say that?"

"Ah-ah! I'm coming along as well. I'd feel better going with you boys than sitting at home worrying about you. So, let's get moving."

Shulk: [after reviving Fiora] "Fiora. You're awake. Uh...do you remember? My name is Shu―"

[Fiora puts her hand on Shulk's cheek, and he looks at her expression of content with surprise.]

Fiora: "I can't believe it. My first kiss."
Shulk: [overjoyed] "You do remember me! Fiora!"
Fiora: [nods] "Of course I do, Shulk."

[The two embrace.]

Post-battle dialogues

Party Members Dialogue
Shulk, Reyn, Fiora Reyn - Man, am I good or am I good.
Shulk - *Laughs* That is so you, Reyn.
Fiora - *Giggles* You two never change.
Shulk, Sharla, Fiora Shulk - Fiora, are you hurt?
Fiora - Shulk, tell me you're okay.
Sharla - Uh... I'm here too, you know?
Shulk & Fiora - Sorry, Sharla.
Sharla - *Laugh* I'm just teasing.
Shulk, Dunban, Fiora Dunban - Fiora, how are you doing?
Fiora - I'm fine, Dunban. But thanks for asking.
Shulk - I wish I had a brother or sister. You guys look like a real family.
Fiora - Well... you're basically like our baby brother.
Shulk - What!? Baby brother!?
Fiora - *Laugh* Be careful what you wish for.
Shulk, Melia and Fiora Shulk - Wow, when did you two get so tough?
Fiora - What? Just because we're girls we're supposed to be wimps? How rude!
Melia - Quite. I'm afraid you have much to learn about the fairer sex, Shulk.
Shulk - *Groan* Why do I get the feeling that mastering the Monado is going to be easier?
Fiora & Melia - *Laughs*
Shulk, Riki, Fiora Riki - Riki try really hard.
Fiora - I was watching the whole time.
Riki - Wha..? No way. You watching Riki?
Shulk - I saw him slacking off a bit.
Riki - *Guilty laugh* You wrong. Riki try really hard.
Shulk & Fiora - *Laughs*
Reyn, Sharla, Fiora Reyn - That was a superb moral victory, ladies.
Sharla - *Laughs* Reyn, you bash, we talk.
Fiora - Moral? We're still standing, aren't we?
Reyn, Dunban, Fiora Dunban - Fiora, are you okay?
Fiora - Yeah, I'm doing okay.
Reyn - I'm doing good 'n' all, Dunban.
Dunban - I don't remember asking about you.
Reyn - Oh wait. I got a sudden pain in the neck
Fiora - Okay. Enough messing around. Let's move on.
Reyn, Melia and Fiora Reyn - Is everyone all right?
Fiora - Reyn, you're asking if we're all right? But... do you feel okay?
Melia - Indeed. We ought to build a monument to mark such a rare occurrence.
Reyn - Charming. I don't know why I bother.
Reyn, Riki, Fiora Riki - Fiora, good job. Well done.
Fiora - *Giggles* Thanks. Good job to you too, Riki.
Reyn - Hey, aren't we forgetting someone?
Riki - Reyn is smelly Orluga. No good job for you.
Reyn - When I get my hands on you I'm gonna... oh, forget it.
Fiora - *Sigh* Like little kids.
Sharla, Dunban, Fiora Dunban - Fiora, don't push yourself too hard.
Fiora - Thanks, Dunban. You too.
Sharla - Family is so important. I wonder how Juju's doing.
Dunban, Melia, Fiora Melia - Fighting besides Homs and Mechon. I never imagined this day would come.
Dunban - And as one, we will always be victorious!
Fiora - I fight with pride and all my strength.
Dunban, Riki, Fiora Riki - Do friends think Riki is good Heropon?
Dunban - You're doing a magnificent job as Hero.
Riki - Really?! Oh, Riki so happy!
Fiora - *Laugh* Good for you, Riki.
Melia, Riki and Fiora Melia - How can you be so small and have so much energy, Riki?
Riki - Melly and Fiora, have no scary! For mighty Heropon here!
Fiora - Oh, my hero!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Post-Battle Dialogue

Main Cast
Rex Rex "Fiora, I'm glad to have you around! You're a stout ally for sure!"
Fiora Fiora "Rex, I don't think any girl would like being called 'stout'."
Fiora Fiora "Fighting arm in arm with someone you like... It's a great feeling, isn't it, Pyra?"
Pyra Pyra "Oh, I'm... I've... I mean... I wish I had your honesty, Fiora."
Nia Nia "Fiora, you move so graceful-like. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous."
Fiora Fiora "I've got that down to a tee! Now I have to work on my cooking. (sigh)"

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 spoilers:

Fiora Fiora "Hey Poppi! It's tough living with a mechanical body, isn't it?"
Poppi α Poppi α "But Fiora is human! How Fiora understand about feeling of machine?"
Fiora Fiora "Ah, well... I've had some experience. Remind me to tell you sometime."

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Fiora Fiora "You know, Mòrag, you remind me of my big brother a lot."
Mòrag Mòrag "Back up there, Fiora. Surely you meant sister?"

Chapter 5 spoilers:

Fiora Fiora "Zeke, I think girls would like you better if you dropped that strange act already."
Zeke Zeke "Girls? Pah, who cares? All the Zekenator wants is to be the hardest, bestest, fastest, strongest, ultimate fighting machine! Nothing more!"

Rare Blades
Shulk Shulk "Fiora, are you okay? We have to be careful in this unfamiliar place."
Fiora Fiora "You worry too much. How about yourself, Shulk? Reyn's not here, you know, so don't get in over your head."
Shulk Shulk "Hahaha! Looks like worrying too much is something we have in common."

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 spoilers:

Fiora Fiora "Shulk, fighting together again. It... it makes me a little happy, though perhaps it shouldn't."
Shulk Shulk "No, I know exactly what you mean. We've been through a lot, you and I."


  • In her Mechon form, Fiora has a built in radar and tracking device, according to "Brother and Sister".
  • When Fiora first wields her twin weapons she holds them downwards. However, after the events of Galahad Fortress she wields them all upwards.
  • When Battling Brutes is received, Dulland mentions that the party looks strong. However, Fiora gets upset by this, thinking he is speaking about her, and she realizes she does not look as feminine in her new body.
  • Fiora and Face Nemesis appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as two different trophies.
  • Fiora is the first character from the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise to star in a different game franchise that is not owned by Nintendo, specifically, Project X Zone 2.
  • Fiora is the first Nintendo character in Project X Zone 2 to be partnered up with a non-Nintendo character, KOS-MOS.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, when using the Power Smash art Fiora will incorrectly say "The electromagnetic tempest will swallow you" which is her line for using Mag Storm as Mecha-Fiora.


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