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Fonsett Village (Japanese: イヤサキ村, Iyasaki Mura), also known as Hero's Rest, is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a village in the Leftherian Archipelago, located on Fonsett Island of the Fonsett Waters, and is one of the main settlements of the Leftherians.

Fonsett was founded by Addam, and is the place were Rex grew up.


Fonsett Village was founded by Addam at the end of his travels, and is where he spent his last years.

Around 500 years later, an injured woman carrying a small child appeared in the village. The woman passed away before she could be healed, and the child's father was later found dead nearby. The child, Rex, was adopted by Corinne, and was raised by the people of the village. Rex eventually left the village to work in Salvaging and help send funds to his home.

In their way to the Indoline Praetorium, the party stops in Fonsett Village. There, Rex introduces Pyra to Corinne, and shows her the graves of his parents to introduce them.




Name Type Proprietor Wares Requirements
Cafe Lutino
Maxello Odifa -
Indoline Tea -
Frozen Odifa -
Pipestraw Smoothie Merchant Ship
Armu Milk Earl Grey Wagon Guard
Lutino Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Coral Leaf Fresh Fish
Barcan Broiled Pinfin -
Sautéed Beat Shrimps -
Braised Cloud Sea Shark -
Seared Whitebait -
Smoke-Braised Killifish Merchant Ship
Coral Leaf Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Corcaja Greengrocers
Kroto Lybarian Chowder -
Green Cheese Salad -
Vegetable Mille-Feuille -
Veg & Oyster Aspic Nopon Cooking
Snowbaby Potato Salad Sinking Storehouse?
Corcaja Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Courtcoster Salvaging
Apropos - -
Future Crafts
Meske Jellyfish Balsam Rug -
Codweave Shop Curtain -
Codweave Safety Blanky -
Silken Stool -
Noponcho Nopon Cooking
Prismatic Headband Ship Lane Lighting
Future Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Yaera - -
Speck Butchers
Lucida Pastel Camill -
Albacon Frystack -
Sweet Armu Belly Stew -
Zaproast Power Bowl -
Fragrant Samod Stralu Nopon Cooking
Glarna Stir-Fry Ship Lane Lighting
Speck Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Talmye Antiques
Larnea Luna Lizard Wreath -
Montecoran Doll -
Steel Pipe Lexos -
Lush Moonbeam Mask -
Talmye Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Tottet Trading
Varrea - -


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