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The Formula Skell

Formula is a Light Type Skell unit in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Formula is one of the Skells of BLADE produced in New Los Angeles. The Formula corresponds to the standard and most affordable model for production deployment. Its vehicle form is a sort of futuristic armed motorcycle.

The level 60 upgrade of this frame is the Formula Zero.


Formula is a custom Light Frame based Skell model and the standard deployed model. This frame is the basis for all the Skell models. It is a lightweight model specializing in high-speed combat, with a two-wheeled vehicle mode that is likewise light and speedy.

Formula vehicle

The Formula Vehicle

It is the most affordable entry level model, with the level 30 frame costing 217,000 Credits and the level 50 frame costing 1,740,000 Credits.


Formula is equipped with the JINRAI Overdrive, which grants the following effects:

  • Zero fuel usage
  • Evasion and accuracy up
  • Critical chance up
  • Reduced cooldown


Kotobukiya is producing a model kit of the Formula Skell, scheduled to be released in Japan in July 2016. It will be 1/48 scale, 175mm (7 inches) tall, and will retail for ¥7,800 (US$70). It can transform between Skell and vehicle modes. It comes with a Sword, Beam Saber, Shield, Grenade Launcher, and a Machine Gun, and also with decals for the Skell form.


  • Formula appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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