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Fosdyke is a Human in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He can be found on a bench at the south side of Deliverance Park during the day.

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Normal Missions

Points of Note

  • Initially: "This man earns his daily bread by reading poetry in New LA."
  • After The Celeste Three: "An ex-Celeste Three member. He worked with Briggs and Moorehouse to keep folks away from a treasure."


Fosdyke is a Mission Exclusive Secondary Boss while piloting his Human-Made Skell and is fought at level 23 or level 24 in the Molten Hollow in Primordia during The Celeste Three. He is accompanied by Moorehouse and Briggs (if the player chooses to not kill Briggs after the previous battle).


Additional Details

"A Skell used by one of the Celeste Three. It has been customized with enhanced attack specs in order to dispatch trapped foes with ruthless efficiency."


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