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Fossil Monkeys are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found in Makna Forest and Colony 6.


Makna Forest - due to the Fossil Monkey's rarity, it is recommended that it be acquired by trading. The following locations have the highest spawn rate (7%) for Fossil Monkey (night only):

  • the remote island on Great Makna Falls
  • Divine Sanctuary
  • northeast of Eks Watering Hole. Starting from the Eks Watering Hole, head north until a detour is reached. Turn right and head straight until another detour is reached. Take the left until the land is reached. The fossil monkey will spawn at that location, although rarely. There is also another spawning point at the end of the pathway.
  • midpoint of Precipice Bridge
  • the elongated shore that extends from Bridge One to the broken bridge. The spawn point is in the vicinity of the fire elemental ether deposit.

Colony 6 - Farm, Special LV2 and before completing the Mechonis core event. The spawn rate is 11%.

The following collectables can also be found from the farm:

Needed for

Colony 6 reconstruction



NPC Area Affinity
Berryjammy Frontier Village 2
Puko Frontier Village ☆2
Rasha Frontier Village Overtrade


Giving this collectable as a present from one player character to another will raise or lower the affinity between them as indicated by the following table:

Recipient Shulk Fiora Dunban Reyn Sharla Riki Melia
Affinity 4

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