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The FrontierNav System interface

The FrontierNav (English dub: /ˌfrʌnˈtɪərˌnæv/) is an information system featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is known as Frontier Net in the Japanese version. The FrontierNav is a specialized computer system used by the human survivors to pioneer the planet Mira. By installing Data Probes in FN Sites, the system expands and gathers data on the surroundings.


According to Kirsty, the FrontierNav was initially conceived through the Earthlife Colonization Project. The government wanted a way to gather resources and intelligence on an alien planet so they assembled a special team known as "Frontier" to tackle the issue. Kirsty and many other researchers worked tirelessly to make the project a reality even after they boarded the White Whale.

After a working version of the system was completed, the Ganglion attacked the ark ship which resulted in losing several key members of the program. As the White Whale crashed into Mira, the project's data archives were scattered everywhere. Kirsty made a resolve to recover all the lost data archives which contained confidential data regarding the second-generation FrontierNav.

Later on, Kirsty reveals that the second version of the FrontierNav was worked by her colleagues in secret. She eventually learns that her colleagues' original vision was to expand the FrontierNav into an interstellar database system, linking every single discovered planet in the universe. It is revealed that Tobias was the key to the final sixth data unit and that he was involved in the project. Tobias invested his own money into the project to make their colleagues' original vision come true.