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For the holofigure, see Ga Buidhe (holofigure).

The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

"Everything was for those of us who have lost our home."
– Ga Buidhe

Ga Buidhe (Japanese: ガ・ボウ, Ga Bō, Ga Bow; English dub: /ɡə ˈbwiːd/ or /ˈɡɑː ˈbwiːd/) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a Wrothian first seen at Ga Jiarg's side when he speaks to Luxaar.


She is a Main Boss, fought at level 33 at the Shivering Sands in Sylvalum.

She is later fought as a normal Mission Exclusive Enemy at level 46 near FN Site 315 in Oblivia.

Stats (Sylvalum)


Part Item Type Rarity
Body Ga Buidhe Holofigure Intergalactic

Additional Details

"The right hand of Ga Jiarg, and an adherent of his since childhood. She thinks only of her master, and her every move is executed with calculated precision."


Ga Buidhe

Ga Buidhe

Ga Buidhe breaks into New Los Angeles alongside Ga Jiarg during the Ganglion invasion to steal the Vita, which they succeed in and take it to Luxaar before returning to the Wrothian Stronghold. Later she fights alongside Ga Jiarg in their Skells in an ambush in Sylvalum. After fighting the party, Ga Jiarg decides to ally with the Humans and break ties with the Ganglion. He and Ga Buidhe are then seen rallying Wrothians in Oblivia.

Later, during the Affinity Mission A Challenger Approaches, the party decides to request the Wrothians' official support for New Los Angeles. When they arrive at the Wrothian Headquarters in Oblivia, Ga Buidhe appears and announces that they still must prove their worth to the Wrothians, before engaging in battle.

After this battle, Ga Buidhe can be found in the Wrothian Headquarters next to Ga Jiarg.

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  • Ga Buidhe's name may be taken from Gae Buidhe, a spear wielded by the Irish folk hero Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.
  • Akeno Watanabe, who voiced Ga Buidhe in the Japanese versions, also voiced Sharla in Japanese versions of the original Xenoblade Chronicles.




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