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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Galahad Fortress (Japanese: ガラハド要塞, Garahado yōsai; English dub: /ˈɡæləˌhæd/) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the fortress that protects Mechonis from Homs. Kallian attacks the fortress after most of it was destroyed. Once the party reaches the end of Mechonis Field, they cannot return to the Sword Valley and the fortress, and all of its Collectables will need to be acquired via trading. Even beyond completing the Collectopaedia, some of them are needed for the rebuilding of Colony 6.


The party, having just navigated the last few winding paths of Sword Valley, continues into the fortress. They navigate the Mechon stronghold until they reach Face Nemesis. A quest activates; the Mechon around her must be destroyed. After that, the party decides to retreat, only to end up where Egil waits for Shulk and the others. Egil deactivates the Monado's power and he and Face Nemesis must be fought. The battle ends quickly. After the fight, Fiora begs Meyneth for help to save Shulk and the others. This causes the destruction of most of Galahad Fortress, causing the room to fall apart, exposing the abyss below. The party falls onto the Fallen Arm, as Shulk jumps after Fiora, still in the Mechon.



Map of Galahad Fortress


Landmarks GF

Landmarks B1F

Landmarks B2F

Landmarks B4F


Locations GF

Locations B1F

Locations B2F

Locations B3F


  1. Main Maintenance Bay [Earth]
  2. NE of 1st Turbine Room [Fire]
  3. Ether Blast Furnace - SW Ether Gear [Water]
  4. Ether Blast Furnace - SE Ether Gear [Fire]
  5. Ether Blast Furnace - NE Ether Gear [Water]
  6. Ether Blast Furnace - NW Ether Gear [Earth]

Points of Interest


Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Story & Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Enemies



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  • Galahad Fortress connects to Fallen Arm at the Silver Wreckage by jumping from the platform west of the Face Maintenance Bay. However, this is not reciprocal, as Galahad Fortress is not directly reachable from Fallen Arm.
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