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A Gerrid

Gerrids (Japanese: ギラファ, Girafa) are insectoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Although the term seems to be derived from water striders (family Gerridae), they more closely resemble fleas. They can be found in Oblivia, Sylvalum, and Cauldros.

Destroying a gerrid's back will release a toxic cloud, causing the gerrid to gain an ether-attribute ranged spike and Calm I buff.


"Vivid creatures with tentacles that are tipped with mouths. Anything they find—organism, rock, or magma—gets sucked into the mobile maws and converted into electrical energy. Said energy is then used to power their life processes and attack enemies. Gerrids make for poor prey thanks to defensive traits including highly acidic biofluids and a teeming array of symbiotic—and toxic—bacteria."

"Courtship takes the form of a peculiar dance in which the courter repeatedly contracts its legs. After mating, the female uses a tentacle to give a fertilized egg to the male, which he then incubates inside himself. Upon hatching, the infant gerrid tears its way out of the male through its posterior."

Color Variants

Gerrids fall into two color variants:

  • Yellow-green gerrids have blue-gray shells, yellow abdomens and feet, and green forearms and mouth. They can drop Cloudy Gerrid Soup.
  • Red gerrids have tan shells, red abdomens, purple feet, and dark blue forearms and mouth. They can drop Clear Gerrid Soup.

List of Gerrids

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Bartley, the Conflagration Red Tyrant Cauldros Anytime All 31
Bluff Gerrid Red Normal Cauldros Anytime All 31 - 40
Daemon, the Undertaker Yellow Tyrant Sylvalum Anytime All 39
Evil Gerrid Yellow Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 41 - 50
Hell Gerrid Yellow Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 51 - 60
Land Gerrid Red Normal Cauldros Anytime All 41 - 50
Macabre Gerrid Yellow Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 31 - 40
Parasite Gerrid Red Normal Oblivia Anytime after Chapter 12 All 51 - 70


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