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Gi Zang is a NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a Wrothian, and can be found in at the Ruins on the Sandbank in Oblivia, west of the BLADE Tower or southwest of the Mimeosome Maintenance Center in the Administrative District, at the Titan's Table in Cauldros, or in the Port Side of the Ma-non Ship.

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Normal Missions


Gi Zang is a Mission Exclusive Enemy fought during several Normal Missions. He is fought as a normal mission exclusive enemy at level 35 in Oblivia during The Duel (Part I), three times at level 40 in Noctilum during The Duel (Part II), and one time at level 42 in Sylvalum during The Duel (Part III); then as a Secondary Boss at level 36 in Primordia in The Lurker; and finally at level 49 at the Outfitters Test Hangar in the Industrial District in the penultimate battle of The Gauntlet. During The Lurker and The Gauntlet, the party must face three identical copies of him simultaneously.

Stats (Primordia)


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