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Good Fortun is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It becomes available after both Chapter 10 and Alex's Last Stand have been completed, and can be received from HT665: Erio in the west corner of the Central Industrial District. The Basic Mission The Call to Counterattack can be used to locate this mission, but is not a prerequisite. Completing it earns the "Mechanical Immigration" achievement.


  1. "Search for the Definian platoon in Sylvalum's Anvil Sandplain."
  2. "Achieve all objectives"
  3. "Talk to Fortun in Sylvalum's Anvil Sandplain."
  4. "Talk to HT665: Erio at the central industrial district."


"The Definian queen, Fortun, looked nothing like any of the other Definians."

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