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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Gormott (Japanese: グーラ, Gūra, lit. Gula) is a Nation in Torna ~ The Golden Country. This territory is home to the Gormotti people, and engaged in a political alliance with the Empire of Mor Ardain. Its capital is at White Chair.


During the Aegis War, Gormott was home to frequent skirmishes between Ardainian and Coeian forces.

Haze discovers that Lora's mother, Rynea, has been hiding out in Gormott. Accordingly, Lora travels to Gormott with Addam and his crew. Upon arriving at Torigoth, they find the entire village burned and destroyed. By venturing further into the village, they find Torigoth Cemetery. On one of the graves, Lora finds the same charm that she made for her mother when she was younger and learns of her mother's death.

As the group travels back into the village, Ardainian troops surround them and mistake them for the brigands who destroyed the village. Brighid then challenges them to a battle before Hugo and Aegaeon arrive and clear up the misconception. Lora and Haze stay behind in Torigoth while the rest of the group goes to the Ardainian flagship to discuss the next path forward. Here, Hugo reveals that the village was destroyed by rogue Coeian troops after the nation's demise.

As Lora and Haze decorate the graves, Gort and his mercenary band ambush the two. He plans to kill Lora to reclaim Jin as his own Blade. Just as the mercenaries begin to surround the two, Jin arrives on the scene, dispatches of most of the mercenaries, and incapacitates Gort as he makes an attempt on Lora's life, cutting off both his prosthetic arm and his remaining arm in the process. He refrains from killing him at Lora's request, and some Ardainian troops unsuccessfully attempt to capture him. Gort is later captured by the Indoline Praetorium. Afterward, the group travels to Aletta.


Gormott during the Aegis War appeared largely similar to its appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, sharing largely the same topographical geography, with differences in the distribution of tree roots, areas of human development and moderate differences in animal life. The major port facility of the time was at Lascham Cove, with Torigoth Village being a smaller, out of the way settlement. Gormott was not yet under the control of the Empire of Mor Ardain, who would not annex it as Gormott Province until 450 years later.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, only the region of Gormott corresponding to the future Upper Level - Right can be explored; the paths leading to would-be Lower Level and Upper Level - Left were obstructed by dense tree growth. In the accessible area:

Landmarks and Locations


Secret Area/Viewpoint




Normal Minor Enemies

Unique Monsters

Story-exclusive Enemies

Quest-exclusive Enemies


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Both the Japanese and English names allude to one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony; the former using the Latin word and the latter from the French word gourmand.


  • The area corresponding to Upper Level - Left in Gormott Province of the main game, can still be accessed abnormally using the "zombie jump" glitch. But as it was never intended to be reached in-game, it was never given any unique gameplay features, and the entire area appears devoid of locations, monsters, collectibles, and built-up structures of any kind, and cannot be egressed without using Skip Travel or the same zombie jump glitch. Certain especially high terrain areas never normally accessible in-game can also be reached using the "zombie jump" glitch, and some of them can be freely walked across once reached, but most of the highest terrain—especially Titan anatomy which appears animated—has no "clipping", which means that it has no solid surface to touch in-game and the player character will simply move through it as if there is nothing there. And clipping or no, the areas corresponding to the Titan's upper neck and head cannot be reached even with the "zombie jump" glitch, as they exist outside the invisible horizontal boundary limiting the player's exploration.