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Halcyon Days is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located anytime east of Deliverance Park in the Residential District of New Los Angeles between Yelv and Cross.


"Hey, Cross."
"So did you live in a house like this when you were back on Earth?"
Option 1 (Affirm): Say you have a vague memory of that.
"Huh, so you do have at least SOME hazy memories about stuff like that."
"I bet you lived in a big house, played with your dog in the yard, and held house parties on weekends. You probably tore it UP!"
"I don't really remember doing anything like that. When I try to think back to how I used to live, I get a big old pile of crap."
"I don't remember playin' basketball in the yard, or riding around in a car my parents bought for me..."
"I thought you and me were in the same boat, but now I'm startin' to think we probably ain't."
Option 2 (Deny): Say you probably lived in an apartment.
"Yeah, that's a possibility."
"I don't remember much, but I know I never lived in a house like this."
"I don't remember playin' basketball in the yard, or riding around in a car my parents bought for me..."
"But if you lived in an apartment, maybe I did too?"
"Yeah, that sounds kinda familiar. Heh. I think I used to get in fights with the rocker next door for playin' his crappy guitar at all the goddamn hours of the night!"
Option 3 (Shrug): Say you have no idea.
"Ah, you don't remember neither, huh?"
"There must be some sort of glitch in the way the Lifehold preserves memories."
"If everyone loses their memories like us, then Project Exodus won't mean squat!"
"They better get the damn thing fixed..."
"Well, I'm headin' back to the administrative district."
"I gotta go talk to Eleonora. I've been asked if I'd be interested in a transfer to the Harriers division."
"And yeah, I'm open to it. This seems like a good time to get out the debris-hunting game."
"But I've also made some close friends in the Reclaimers. So I'm gonna talk it over with Eleonora and then give it a good think."
"But wherever I end up, I'm still me. So if there's ever anything you need, I'm your man."
"Let's keep on kickin' this planet's ass!"
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