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"If you think of Interceptors as defense, Harriers would be New LA's offense. They specialize in pre-emptive strikes on clear and obvious threats. But ONLY on clear and obvious threats--they're not meant to go out and just blast any indigen that moves."
— Elma

Harriers' logo

Harriers is a division within BLADE. Their goal is to defeat dangerous monsters. This division is known as Avalanche in the Japanese version. Harriers receive increased Division Points from defeating enemies, particularly Tyrants. Receiving division support from Harriers grants Melee Master, which increases damage of melee weapons.


Playable Characters



  • Mathias says that his cat Aisha is an actual Harrier in BLADE.
    • Mathias
      "I got some interesting pictures back from the camera collar around Aisha's neck."
      "I think they were taken near the Canopied Nightwood in Noctilum."
      "It looks like the boulder Aisha was napping on was actually a camouflaged falsaxum!"
      "I was terrified that she'd end up being eaten alive."
      "But it looks like Aisha took it down with a vicious flurry of cat punches and kitty kicks!"
      "...What? Aisha is an accomplished BLADE. She's a member of the tyrant-hunting Harriers division."