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Hartmut, the Calamity (Japanese: 大禍のハルトムート, Taika no Harutomūto) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a Millepod and can be found at level 91 around the cliffs in the western part of the Yawning Giant in Oblivia. It is the most powerful enemy in Oblivia. Killing it is required for segment recon.

As Hartmut flies above a bottomless pit, Skells are all but mandatory to fight it. It is possible to wait for Hartmut to fly over to the land bridge near Mesa Fortress, but doing so takes a long time.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Acid Bite Ether Melee 1 Single HP Recovery Down - -
Massive Tornado Ether Melee 1 Circle around caster Launch - -
Random Beam Beam Ranged 5 Circle around caster - - -
Beam Rush Beam Ranged 12 Single - - Yes
Beam Needle Beam Ranged 3 Single Virus, Stagger Tail Yes


Part Item Type Rarity
Inverse Fin Reverse Millepod Fin Material Prime
Tail, Body Millepod Ice Rock Material Prime
Face, Body Decrepit Wing Material Prime
Body Fossilized Bone Material Unique
Tail, Body Sturdy Drakebone Material Common
Body Millepod B Holofigure Intergalactic
Body Ultra Infinite Zyi Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Zyua Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Zyua L Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Zyua R Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Zyum Armor Rare-Prime
Body SSM-XXR260SA F-Grenade Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SRM-XXR460ME Backbomb Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XXR461SA Short-Rifle Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XXR762SA E-Sniper Skell Weapon Intergalactic


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