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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Fan la Norne (Japanese: ファン・レ・ノルン, Fan re Norun), originally known as Haze (Japanese: カスミ, Kasumi), is a Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Praetor Amalthus is her Driver. She is known as the "Goddess of Indol" and is the envoy for the Indoline Praetorium. She has the ability to limit the power of not only other Blades, but of Titans as well.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, Haze is a Special Legendary Blade. She can grant tremendous power to her Driver Lora and her allies. Haze uses the wind element, wields a Crosier, and acts as a Healer in battle.


Aegis War

Haze and Lora look very alike

Haze was one of Lora's two Blades during the Aegis War, with whom she shared a resonance with so strongly that the two bore notable resemblance to one another. She is first met in Torna ~ The Golden Country after travelling to Gormott alone to uncover the location of Lora's mother, who she learns is in Torigoth. Upon returning to Lora and Jin, Haze accompanies the group who have met Addam and Mythra to Torigoth, only to find that the village has been pillaged and burned down. They travel further and find the Torigoth Cemetery, in which one grave is decorated with a charm Lora made for her mother as a child.

Lora driving Haze

The group are attacked by Ardainian troops including Brighid, who Haze uses her Blade ability to control others to subdue. Upon Hugo's intervention. the group travel to the Ardainian flagship while Lora and Haze stay behind to decorate the graves. Gort, a past antagonist of Lora's, ambushes the duo attempting to kill Lora and reclaim Jin's Core Crystal. Knowing Haze's power, Gort brings no Blades with him. They combat his group of mercenaries until Jin rushes to their aid, driving Gort off. Haze remains with the group as they travel to Auresco to stop Malos; she uses her power while Lora spars with Addam and Mythra to stop Mythra's Foresight, and she attempts to inhibit Malos while battling him in Sachsum Gardens although, as the Aegis, he is able to break free.

Haze, Lora, Jin, and Mikhail eventually part ways with Addam and Pyra after the destruction of the Kingdom of Torna. Upon Addam's request, Lora and the others travel to Spessia to notify Addam's militia to relocate to Leftheria. She assists Lora in fighting off Gort when he attacks them again. The group arrives at the militia's camp moments before Amalthus' attack on the region - Lora is killed in the battle, and Jin eats her heart to continue living as a Flesh Eater. Haze, separated from Lora in the chaos, returns to her Core Crystal. Her Core is eventually found by Amalthus, who reawakens her and gives her the new identity of Fan la Norne, Goddess of the Praetorium. He takes half of Haze's Core Crystal and becomes a Blade Eater, although Haze has no knowledge of this.

Mor Ardain and Temperantia

Haze using her power

Five hundred years later, Fan meets Rex in the Abandoned Factory of the Empire of Mor Ardain after his party fights Patroka and Mikhail. She is able to stop Patroka from attacking them with her full power, and the two members of Torna escape on the Monoceros. Fan asks Rex to come and speak with Amalthus, and travels with the party to Indol.

Talking to Rex and Nia near the mural in the Sanctum, she mentions that the memories of her past life are missing. She later accompanies the party to Temperantia, where she uses her powers to weaken the Judicium Titan, allowing the party to board and fight Aeshma's Core in order to stop Jin. Fan attempts to slow Jin, as he is a Blade, but his status as a Flesh Eater allow him to overcome her power and he kills Fan by stabbing her through her Core Crystal, believing that this will free her from Amalthus.

Fan is given a state funeral after the Ruler's Congress in Indol - unheard of for a Blade, as upon death a Blade's body should return to ether rather than leaving a corpse. Mythra notes that Fan's Core Crystal was originally diamond shaped and that half of it appears to be missing, suggesting that someone may have stolen it. Much later Amalthus reveals that he took half of Fan's Core Crystal to add to his powers as a Driver of an Aegis; he uses her powers to control Mythra, and by extension Siren, and eventually to control the nation Titans to prevent the party and Torna from climbing the World Tree.

Torna ~ The Golden Country


Vanguard Arts

Rear Guard Arts



  • Lv. 1 - Pebble Storm - Scatter wind ether projectiles over a large area to deal damage.
  • Lv. 2 - Cloudburst - Deploy numerous whirlwinds out in front of you to lay waste to your foes.
  • Lv. 3 - Celadon Whirlwind - Barrage your foe with razor-sharp wind, then blow them away with a tornado.
  • Lv. 4 - Starlight Strike - Batter the enemy with staff blows and air blasts, finishing with a knee strike.

Battle Skills

  • Headwind - Reduces party damage taken by 10% to 20% at max Affinity.
  • Tailwind - Increases damage dealt by the party by 25% to 50% when at max Affinity.
  • Summer Breeze - Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 20% to 40%.

Field Skills

  • Forestry - Lv. 3
  • Manipulate Ether - Lv. 3
  • Keen Eye - Lv. 3

Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart.
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 30 "Lady Lora, let's keep it up!"
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain. Increase Trust 500 "I'm happy we did it together, my lady!"
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 1,750 "Lady Lora, use me as you see fit!"
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 4,500 "Lady Lora! Our hearts beat as one!"
Blade Special Pebble Storm 1 1 Restores 10% HP of damage dealt when a Special connects
2 2 Restores 12% HP of damage dealt when a Special connects Use Pebble Storm 5 "I'll do better and better. You'll see."
3 3 Restores 15% HP of damage dealt when a Special connects Defeat a Parole Tirkin at the Tirkin Cliff Colony in Torna, etc. 3 "I'm getting the hang of it, slowly..."
4 4 Restores 17% HP of damage dealt when a Special connects Use Pebble Storm 20 "Ah, so this is how it works best!"
5 5 Restores 20% HP of damage dealt when a Special connects Defeat a Gray Buloofo in the Hoary Weald in Gormott, etc. 2 "Pebble Storm, perfect as can be!"
Cloudburst 1 1 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 10% chance to spawn 2
2 2 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 20% chance to spawn 2 Defeat a Fers Grebel at Ordia Great Plains in Gormott, etc. 5 "There is only one way to get stronger."
3 3 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 30% chance to spawn 2 Use Cloudburst 15 "...I can hold my own, you know."
4 4 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 40% chance to spawn 2 Defeat a Xane Pippito at Seigle Fell in Gormott, etc. 1 "Cloudburst has even more to offer."
5 5 Spawns a small HP Potion on hit, with a 50% chance to spawn 2 Use Cloudburst 30 "I'm the number one wielder of Cloudburst this world's ever seen."
Celadon Whirlwind 1 1 When landing a hit, restores 6% of damage dealt to the rest of the party
2 2 When landing a hit, restores 7% of damage dealt to the rest of the party Use Celadon Whirlwind 3 "I'll get even better if we put some time and effort into it!"
3 3 When landing a hit, restores 8% of damage dealt to the rest of the party Defeat a Robal Krabble at the Ancient Lakebed in Torna, etc. 3 "I hope it helps me protect you all..."
4 4 When landing a hit, restores 9% of damage dealt to the rest of the party Use Celadon Whirlwind 10 "Not long to go until it's perfect!"
5 5 When landing a hit, restores 10% of damage dealt to the rest of the party Defeat a Legarre Marrin at Turqos Plateau in Torna, etc. 1 "We'll be A-OK, so long as I have this!"
Battle Skill Headwind 1 1 Reduces party damage taken by 10% at max Affinity Defeat a Salsh Rhogul at Uccar's Trail in Torna, etc. 1 "The best is yet to come, Lady Lora!"
2 2 Reduces party damage taken by 12% at max Affinity Finish an enemy 5 "I'm hot on your heels, Jin. Best watch out!"
3 3 Reduces party damage taken by 15% at max Affinity Get hit by a critical attack 5 "I'll have to learn from this... Ouch..."
4 4 Reduces party damage taken by 17% at max Affinity Use specials to participate in a Chain Attack 15 "I am fearless, as long as you are all by my side."
5 5 Reduces party damage taken by 20% at max Affinity Perform a Blade Combo finisher 10 "This pain will be a valuable learning experience..."
Tailwind 1 1 Increases damage dealt by the party by 25% when at max Affinity
2 2 Increases damage dealt by the party by 30% when at max Affinity Collect an HP Potion 5 "Leave the healing to me, please!"
3 3 Increases damage dealt by the party by 35% when at max Affinity Raise Affinity in combat 25 "Lady Lora, I'll back you up any time."
4 4 Increases damage dealt by the party by 40% when at max Affinity Collect HP Potions 30 "I hope you all know to take it easy!"
5 5 Increases damage dealt by the party by 50% when at max Affinity Make every item that Haze can craft 10 " I guess this makes me an expert!"
Summer Breeze 1 1 Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 20%
2 2 Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 25% Deal a critical hit 60 "For Lady Lora...!"
3 3 Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 30% Use a Special and heal a certain amount of HP 2,000 "I hope I'm pulling my own weight..."
4 4 Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 35% Perform a Driver Combo finisher 10 "It's imperative we learn to work well with others."
5 5 Increases party resistance to all debuffs by 40% Use a Special and heal a certain amount of HP 6,000 "Use me well, and we'll have nothing to fear!"
Field Skill Forestry 1 2 Knowledge related to trees. Mainly helps gather items from trees Acquire Collectible items 50 "These will all serve us well, be it as charm or talisman parts, or as food!"
2 3 Use Haze's favorite pouch items (Vegetables category) 2 "This'll keep me going!"
3 5 Use Haze's crafting skill 15 times 15 "Time spent embroidering is time well-spent indeed!"
Manipulate Ether 1 1 The power to control the nearby ether. Also lets one restrict Blade's powers
2 3 Disperse ether miasmas 3 "The trick is, you have to do it quickly."
3 5 Disperse ether miasmas 5 "It's fun joining forces with Mythra!"
Keen Eye 1 1 The power to see things clearly. Used to notice small changes, etc. Open treasure troves 10 "See? It pays to stay alert!"
2 2 Spend G on items 10,000 "I know a good deal when I see one."
3 4 Use Haze's favorite pouch item, Wildflower Salad 2 "Thank you, Lady Lora! I love it!"


Torna ~ The Golden Country - Post-Battle Dialogue

Haze Haze "Wow, I never thought we’d find ourselves in the company of emperors and princes."
Lora Lora "It's funny, isn't it? Almost like we've been dropped straight into a fairytale."
Haze Haze "Life is a many splendored thing indeed."
Lora Lora "I couldn't agree more. Let's make the most of it, shall we?"
Haze Haze "Oh, Lady Lora, look. Your sleeve is starting to fray."
Lora Lora "Clothes get torn in battle. There's no way around it, really."
Haze Haze "We both know that when your whole outfit unravels, you'll just end up wanting to borrow mine."
Haze Haze "Blade combo, third stage!"
Lora Lora "Awesome!"
Minoth Minoth "Why does that sound so familiar?"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "This is my first time travelling like this! It's quite… refreshing."
Lora Lora "Oh, really? Then why don't we do something to celebrate?"
Haze Haze "That means it's time to party! Gather round, everyone!"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "What? Oh, that wasn't what I… N-no, hold on!"
Haze Haze "Master Aegaeon is a… finely sculpted Blade, isn't he?"
Lora Lora "He's got a very estable core, doesn't he? He must have incredible balance. And that form!"
Aegaeon Aegaeon "I would… appreciate it if you could stop staring, now. You're making me blush."
Addam Addam "Oh, Haze! I've got a cracking ghost story for you."
Haze Haze "Y-you… want to tell it now?"
Addam Addam "Yeah! It's a real spine-tingler, Grandad once told me. Kept me up at night for days!"
Haze Haze "Ah no! Please keep it to yourself!"
Haze Haze "Excuse my idle curiosity, Lord Hugo, but… What is it like? Being an emperor, I mean."
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "Well, it certainly keeps me busy. My duties are too numerous to name."
Addam Addam "I imagine there's never a dull moment in His Imperial Majesty's life."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "You look tired, Haze. Here. Just don't tell anyone."
Haze Haze "Are those sweets? Oh Aegaeon, how can I ever repay you?"
Addam Addam "Aegaeon! You scallywag."
Mythra Mythra "Thanks for the rescue, Haze. You're nice."
Haze Haze "Oh, a thanks from Mythra? There's something you don't hear every day."
Mythra Mythra "Wow. I take that back. Haze is the master of lowkey shade."
Brighid Brighid "I think you'll agree the victory was undoubtedly MINE this time, Mythra."
Mythra Mythra "I just wasn't really feeling it. So, I thought "Hey, I'll throw you a bone!""
Haze Haze "You two are such good friends, I must admit I'm a little envious."
Brighid Mythra
Brighid & Mythra
Haze Haze "Your Imperial Majesty, you carry yourself with such an elegance!"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "If you had heard "The emperor does not slouch!" every day for eighteen years, you would carry yourself just as well."
Minoth Minoth "Unlike a certain prince I could but will not name?"
Haze Haze "Lord Hugo, you've sustained no cuts, I hope? No scrapes, no bruises?"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "Thank you for your concern, Haze. You are very kind."
Brighid Brighid "And why exactly are you staring at me, Your Majesty?"
Haze Haze "Lady Brighid, I'm in awe of your perfect skin. Could it be a side effect of those flames?"
Brighid Brighid "Unfortunately, fire related beauty treatment hasn't really caught on. I can't imagine why."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Such beauty… Were Haze but not a Blade, she could easily become His Majesty's consort."
Haze Haze "Uh? What was that you said, Master Aegaeon?"

Condition: After departure from the Militia Garrison
Mythra Mythra "I'm getting some awkward vibes between you and Jin, Lora. Is it complicated?"
Lora Lora "What? What's that supposed to- There's nothing going on between us. At all."
Haze Haze "Don't worry, Lady Lora. I'm still your number one fan."
Condition: After Minoth joins
Lora Lora "I’m having such a wonderful time on this journey. Kind of sad to think it will be over one day."
Haze Haze "I’ll stay by your side no matter what, my Lady."
Condition: After Lora becomes a knight of Torna
Haze Haze "Lady Lora, I'd love to tour some open-air hot springs at the next available opportunity."
Brighid Brighid "That sounds delightful. Sign me up too while you're at it."
Mythra Mythra "H-hang on just a minute! C-can I go too?"
Condition: After Lora becomes a knight of Torna
Minoth Minoth "I'll have to jot down some notes on the last fight."
Haze Haze "Master Minoth, will we become characters in your new play?"
Minoth Minoth "Perhaps? But these are just some very rough sketches since I don't even have a stage to set it on yet."
Condition: ???
Jin Jin "Your movement is more accomplished than before, isn't it, Haze."
Haze Haze "Anyone could pick up a thing or two from watching you fight, Jin."
Jin Jin "I'm honoured, then."


  • Haze and Lora share their Japanese voice actress.



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