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Hazzai Cape (Japanese: ハッザイ岬, Hazzai misaki) is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Colony 9. It is a small peninsula east of Outlook Park, south of Agora Shore, and on the other side of Anti-Air Battery 3. It can only be reached by swimming, most quickly from the bridge between the Central Plaza and the Residential District (there is a gap in the railings about half way across). In early stages of the game it can be difficult to reach, as level 70 Throne Sardi patrol the nearby waters. However on the cape itself there are only low level Krabbles (Stone and Marble) during the day, although at night the Stone Krabbles are replaced with Solid Krabbles. The Impenetrable Redrob is also here at night, sitting at the highest point of the hill.

Niranira can be found here during Pride and Courage.


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