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The Hexad-Partican is a superweapon for Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is known as Six-Cannon in the Japanese version.


"Sakuraba Industries has created a superweapon"

"Hexad Partican Series"

"Skells will never be the same! Powered by a fifth-generation particle generator and fit for a dreadnaught-class warship, this six-barrel cannon is the pinnacle of Skell weaponry. Equip your squad with the stopping power of a fleet!"


The Hexad-Partican is a set of six gunmetal-grey beam cannons mounted to the back of the Skell. When firing, the cannons vertically swivel for a moment before they all fire as one, sending blue energy beams lancing through the target (and whatever other unlucky indigens get caught in it).


  • Slots filled: Both back and shoulders


All three schematics, level 30 FILE-USP0140SA, 50 FILE-USP0160SA and 60 FILE-USP0180SA, are obtained by completing the Affinity Mission Two Peas in a Pod, along with a level 30 model of the weapon.

Level 30

Required materials:

Level 50

Required materials:

Level 60

Required materials:

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