The Hidden Machina Village Shop 1 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in the Hidden Machina Village on Fallen Arm. It is manned by a male Machina. It specialises in Mechonis Armour and anti-Mechon weapons, which don't require Topple or Monado Enchant to damage Mechon.

After the Mechonis Core events, the first shop will change its inventory, and will focus on Homs weapons and armour. A second shop will open as well, selling only Mechonis Armour.

Note: In the following tables, "before MC" or "after MC" means the item is only available before or after completing the events in Mechonis Core.


Item Slots Price Conditions
Sparrow Blades 0 24,700 G before MC
Machina Staff 1 25,800 G
Machina Guarder 1 27,000 G
Machina Biter 1 28,320 G
Machina Sword 1 29,400 G
Machina Rifle 1 31,200 G
Murder Knives 1 31,440 G before MC
Machina Staff III 1 33,600 G after MC
Machina Biter III 1 37,800 G after MC
Machina Sniper II 1 38,400 G after MC
Machina Blade III 1 38,400 G after MC
Machina Guarder III 1 42,000 G after MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Speed Goggles Unique 11,880 G before MC
Brave Cap 1 12,000 G
Stellar Gear 0 14,000 G after MC
Attack Goggles Unique 15,000 G before MC
Power Goggles Unique 16,500 G before MC
Orion Cap 0 21,600 G
Retrieved Gear 0 22,500 G after MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Brave Top 1 22,200 G after MC
Speed Frame Unique 22,500 G before MC
Attack Frame Unique 24,000 G before MC
Stellar Armour 0 25,700 G
Power Frame Unique 26,400 G before MC
Orion Top 0 36,000 G
M100 Plate 0 64,800 G after MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Speed Arms Unique 7,500 G before MC
Brave Gloves 1 9,240 G
Attack Arms Unique 11,400 G before MC
Stellar Gauntlets 0 11,500 G after MC
Power Arms Unique 12,000 G before MC
Orion Gloves 0 17,250 G
Retrieved Gauntlets 0 18,200 G after MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Speed Boosters Unique 16,500 G before MC
Brave Bottoms 1 18,000 G after MC
Attack Boosters Unique 19,200 G before MC
Stellar Leggings 0 21,000 G
Power Boosters Unique 22,500 G before MC
Orion Bottoms 0 28,500 G
M100 Cuisses 0 51,800 G after MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Brave Shoes 1 13,920 G
Stellar Boots 0 16,200 G after MC
Freyja Drones 0 17,700 G before MC
Orion Shoes 0 25,800 G
Retrieved Boots 0 27,700 G after MC

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price Conditions
Burninate Riki 13,700 G before MC
Double Blade Fiora 14,000 G before MC
Head Shot Sharla 14,700 G before MC
Jaws of Death Dunban 14,700 G before MC
Riki is Angry Riki 14,700 G before MC
Ether Drain Fiora 14,700 G before MC
Summon Earth Melia 15,000 G before MC
Cure Round Sharla 15,600 G before MC
Spear Blade Fiora 9,000 G after MC
Final Flicker Dunban 14,800 G after MC
Summon Ice Melia 15,100 G after MC
Say Sorry Riki 15,400 G after MC
Peekaboo Riki 15,600 G after MC
Power Effect Melia 16,000 G after MC
Drive Boost Sharla 16,800 G after MC
Demon Slayer Dunban 17,300 G after MC