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For the hit points mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Hit Points (XC1).
For the hit points mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Hit Points (XCX).

Hit Points, commonly referred to as HP, are a mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. HP is the measure of how much damage a Driver or Blade can take before they become incapacitated. When a party member is hit by an attack that deals damage or is standing in harmful terrain, they will lose HP. HP will instantly hit 0 if a character falls off a Titan. HP can be restored by picking up HP Potions, using specific Driver Arts, or by other means. When a character's HP hits 0, they become incapacitated. If a party member is incapacitated, they can be revived using one section of the Party Gauge. A party member can revive the player character who is incapacitated for one section of the party gauge. If the player character is incapacitated with no sections of the party gauge filled, or all characters are incapacitated, then the player will respawn at the last Landmark they last visited. When not in battle, HP will quickly restore. No character can exceed 9999 HP.

Torna ~ The Golden Country

In addition to the information listed above, HP in Torna ~ The Golden Country are shared for each team of Blades and Driver in the party, and if any character in a team reaches 0 HP the entire team is incapacitated. When a character in a team is in the "Vanguard" position or attacking position, they will take damage but a reserve of Hit Points will be left behind or build up, and switching to another character in a team can boost the number of HP a team has based on that amount of reserved Hit Points obtained.

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