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Holofigures are items in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be displayed on any one of five holofigure projectors in the BLADE Barracks after the player reaches BLADE Level 2.

Holofigures are classed in Weapons, Armor, Enemies and Special. These can be acquired through defeating storyline Bosses or Tyrants and completing Missions or Collectopedia rows.

List of Holofigures

Holofigure Source
Assailer Series Murder Most Foul
Assault II Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Xenotech category completed
Assault III Series Turf War
Assault Series Primordia Collectopedia's Relics category completed
Avagar Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Xenotech category completed
Bangbangs Series Setting Forth
Blades II Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Fauna category completed
Blades Series Primordia Collectopedia's Natural Artifacts category completed
Bolide Series Rites of Ruin
Candela II Series Law and Orders
Candela III Series Alex's Last Stand
Candela Series The Celeste Three
Crank Series The Handy Ma-non
Deadsight II Series The Duel (Part I)
Deadsight Series The Queen Is Dead
Dual Guns II Series Alien Nation
Dual Guns Series Primordia Collectopedia's Fauna category completed
Dyads II Series Gorkwa Games
Dyads III Series Pack It In
Dyads Series That's In-Credible!
Edges II Series The Duel (Part III)
Edges Series Until the End
Faith Series Professorial
Fulge II Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Wreckage category completed
Fulge Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Vegetables category completed
Fwooshers Series Unsatisfied Customer
Gemels Series Primordia Collectopedia's Fruits category completed
Gladiis Series Prone Sweet Prone
Glaive II Series The Duel (Part IV)
Glaive Series The Unbreakable Sword
Grando II Series Cavern Crushers
Grando Series Frontier Spirit
Haven II Series Shotgun Diplomacy
Haven Series Alien Nation
Honor Series Professorial
Iyst II Series Lone Survivors
Iyst Series House Call
Jyth Series The Journey Begins
Knife II Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Relics category completed
Knife III Series The Line of Fire
Knife Series Primordia Collectopedia's Vegetables category completed
Lance Series The Queen Is Dead
Lastyr II Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Relics category completed
Lastyr III Series Unknown Assailant
Lastyr Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Natural Artifacts category completed
Launchers Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Insects category completed
Lightblade II Series The Queen Is Dead
Lightblade Series The Duel (Part II)
Machine II Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Relics category completed
Machine Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Flora category completed
Multi Series Professorial
Paive Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Vegetables category completed
Parce Series Primordia Collectopedia's Xenotech category completed
Parma II Series Unknown Assailant
Parma Series Mia Grows Up
Pilum II Series Predator and Prey
Pilum Series Water Woes
Pistolia Series Pollution Solution
Pokepoke Series Hair Apparent
Pride Series Fortun and Glory or Definian Love
Psylans Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Wreckage category completed
Pugio Series The Line of Fire
Radius II Series Forbidden Love
Radius Series Shotgun Diplomacy
Raidrifle Series Leaving the Nest
Ralzes Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Insects category completed
Rapture Series Professorial
Ratatatta Series Unsatisfied Customer
Raygun Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Vegetables category completed
Repethe Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Fauna category completed
Retic Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Flora category completed
Riv Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Wreckage category completed
Ruina II Series Rescue at the Ensconced Citadel
Ruina III Series Alex's Last Stand
Ruina Series A Dubious Operation or The Good Thief
Saber Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Curios category completed
Saboteurs Series The Miracle Maker
Sclopetum Series Frontier Spirit
Shield Series Primordia Collectopedia's Curios category completed
Sicarius Series Predator and Prey
Sidearm Series Lend an Ear
Slair II Series Noctilum Collectopedia's Insects category completed
Slair Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Fruits category completed
Sniper Rifle II Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Natural Artifacts category completed
Sniper Rifle Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Natural Artifacts category completed
Spatha Series New Frontier
Spear II Series Sylvalum Collectopedia's Insects category completed
Spear Series Oblivia Collectopedia's Xenotech category completed
Strobe Series The Miracle Maker
Sword II Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Xenotech category completed
Sword Series Cauldros Collectopedia's Flora category completed
Thudclang Series Sparking a Smile
Thwipper Series Trade Agreement
Trigger Series Waste Not, Want Not
Twins Series Close Encounters
Watxes Series Ovah and Out
Ziyse Series Going Viral
Zorcyses Series Good Neighbors

Holofigure Source
C&C Heavy (Female) Snipe Hunt
C&C Heavy (Male) Snipe Hunt
C&C Light (Female) No Ma-non Need Apply
C&C Light (Male) No Ma-non Need Apply
C&C Medium (Female) The Fashionista
C&C Medium (Male) Rites of Ruin
Grenada Heavy (Female) Sylvalum Collectopedia's Wreckage category completed
Grenada Heavy (Male) Cauldros Collectopedia's Curios category completed
Grenada Light (Female) Cauldros Collectopedia's Vegetables category completed
Grenada Light (Male) Sylvalum Collectopedia's Flora category completed
Grenada Medium (Female) Primordia Collectopedia's Insects category completed
Grenada Medium (Male) Noctilum Collectopedia's Fruits category completed
Grenada Skell (Female) Sylvalum Collectopedia's Curios category completed
Grenada Skell (Male) Sylvalum Collectopedia's Fruits category completed
Grenada Swimwear (Female) Lakeside Getaway
Grenada Swimwear (Male) Lakeside Getaway
Meredith Heavy (Female) Entrepreneurial Spirit
Meredith Heavy (Male) The Root of All Evil
Meredith Light (Female) A Proper Chopper
Meredith Light (Male) A Proper Chopper
Meredith Medium (Female) Water Woes
Meredith Medium (Male) Data Probe Revolution
Orphean Heavy (Female) No-show Nen'celeg
Orphean Heavy (Male) Circle of Life
Orphean Light (Female) No-show Nen'celeg
Orphean Light (Male) Sun'celeg Rises
Orphean Medium (Female) No-show Nen'celeg
Orphean Medium (Male) The Journey Begins
Sakura Basic (Female) Mayhem
Sakura Basic (Male) A Hero's Ride
Sakura Heavy (Female) Noctilum Collectopedia's Fauna category completed
Sakura Heavy (Male) Oblivia Collectopedia's Curios category completed
Sakura Light (Female) Oblivia Collectopedia's Natural Artifacts category completed
Sakura Light (Male) Noctilum Collectopedia's Relics category completed
Sakura Medium (Female) Oblivia Collectopedia's Fauna category completed
Sakura Medium (Male) Collectopedia's Flora completed
Sakura Skell (Female) Sylvalum Collectopedia's Vegetables Completed
Sakura Skell (Male) Primordia Collectopedia's Wreckage category completed
Six Stars Heavy (Female) Gold Rush
Six Stars Heavy (Male) Wrothian Innovation
Six Stars Light (Female) Gold Rush
Six Stars Light (Male) Cooking Schooled
Six Stars Medium (Female) Gold Rush
Six Stars Medium (Male) Cooking Schooled
Unknown (Female) Then and Now
Unknown (Male) Then and Now

Holofigure Source
Adsecula A Etutanne, the Bloodthirsty
Adsecula B Bertrand, the Gorge Scourge
Aetrygon A Ramus, the Supersonic
Aetrygon B Vilem, the Gold-Scaled
Aeviter A Berthold, the Blue-Eyed
Aeviter B Balduino, the Wicked-Eyed
Almandal Almandal (Chapter 7)
Aprica A Oskar, the Summer Squall
Aprica B Sviatoslav, the Reproachful
Arenatect A Man'an, the Water Whisperer
Arenatect B Antara, the Water Diviner
Armored Suid Bogdan, the Dense
Auravis A Bohdan, the Mistral
Auravis B Gotthard, the Intimidating
Autosentry Good Neighbors
Autosentry (Haywire!)
Autosentry Mk. II Autosentry Mk. II (The Gauntlet)
Balaena A Draken, the Drifting Cloud
Balaena B Rajidi, the Cumuliform
Blatta A Casper, the Unhealthy Eater
Blatta B Prinsipe, the Ravenous
Blatta C Joker, the Unknowable
Blatta D Agito, the Golden
Ald, the Extravagant
Camus, the Treasured
Dui, the Invaluable
Hiro, the Priceless
Muruse, the Opulent
Natt, the Inestimable
Roimi, the Affluent
Tico, the Precious
Yuiro, the Luxuriant
Blatta E Vorpall, the Sickle-Fanged
Caecus A Pelicollo, the Panzer
Caecus B Andrea, the Famished Hunter
Caecus C Drake, the Waypost
Caladar Caladar (Chapter 9)
Cantor A Eustachio, the Eccentric
Cantor B Leandro, the Sneering
Caro A Kringe, the Hunting Arrow
Caro B Spaniel, the Obedient
Caro C Andrei, the Cunning
Cervus A Seti, the Light of Stars
Cervus B Asana, the Azure Star
Ceto A Polaris, the Firmamental
Ceto B Elaine, the Lunar Eclipse
Chimera A Lugalbanda, the Wanderer-King
Chimera B Lugalbanda, the Wanderer-King
Cinicula A Eckart, the Indestructible
Cinicula B Calore, the Lava Walker
Cinicula C Thaddaeus, the Ultramafic
Cinicula D Falchion, the Vibrant
Colubrim A Elvira, the Talondrake
Colubrim B Vortice, the Deific Blast
Coronid A Xair, the Cerulean Walker
Coronid B Ignit, the Ultimate Chaos
Dagahn Dagahn (Chapter 8)
Definian WR512: Urdu
Deva Caladar Deva Caladar (Chapter 9)
Dilus A Sarcosuchus, the Iron-Eater
Dilus B Sheldon, the Dentally Challenged
Duoguill A Hephaestus, the Absconder
Duoguill B Valeriano, the Rolling Thunder
Evello A Roderick, the Fleet-Footed
Evello B Ludvik, the Picky Eater
Fal-swo A Ji-ett, the Thunderclap
Fal-swo B Ya-rhat, the Thundercloud
Fal-swo C No-dhor, the Shadowcaster
Fal-swo D Ga-uhl, the Precept-Keeper
Falsaxum A Clemente, the Iron Meteor
Falsaxum B Mikulas, the Keystone
Femina Suid A Melanya, the Sound Sleeper
Femina Suid B Manuelita, the Affectionate
Filiavent A Laurencio, the Fog Bow
Filiavent B Trueno, the Cataclysm
Forfex A Sven, the Sturdy
Forfex B Schneider, the Cliffpercher
Forfex C Tourteau, the Delectable
Ga Buidhe Ga Buidhe (Chapter 9)
A Challenger Approaches
Ga Jiarg Ga Jiarg (Chapter 9)
A Challenger Approaches
Galdr A Armed Recon Galdr
Galdr B Armed Engineer Galdr
Galdr C Air Support Galdr
Galdr D Armed Destroyer Galdr
Galdr E Lyla's Galdr
Galdr F Chantai's Galdr
Galdr G Duran's Galdr
Galdr H Vendura's Galdr
Germivore A Lomoth, the Beast-Eater
Germivore B Florence, the Hell Maggot
Gerrid A Bartley, the Conflagration
Gerrid B Daemon, the Undertaker
Goetia Goetia (Chapter 4)
Gradivus Gradivus, the Headless Emperor
Grex A Dieter, the Epicure
Grex B Celedonio, the Battle-Tested
Gularth A Ilithios, the Enlightened
Gularth B Alithios, the Indignant
Human-Made Skell The Celeste Three
Ictus A Valyrian, the Iron Cleaver
Ictus B Belenguer, the Gunhammer
Ictus C Terenty, the Blademaster
Insidia A Lambert, the Divine Wind
Insidia B Griffus, the Tartarean
Jacul A Jia Mian, the Beloved
Jacul B Radovan, the Sky Baron
Lao Lao (Chapter 12)
Lepyx A Sirene, the Lost
Lepyx B Giraffin, the Old Hand
Levitath A Eutropio, the Sea Rumble
Levitath B Silvestre, the Morning Light
Levitath C Frajeel, the Purgatorial
Liceor A Stola, the Champion
Liceor B Stola, the Unchained
Lophid A Izgnanie, the Smoldering
Lophid B Ridill, the Arrogant
Marnuck A Daril, the Eradicator
Marnuck B Gadaf, the Pulverizer
Marnuck Elite A Sadar, the Unhinged
Marnuck Elite B Duran, the Draconian
Marnuck Elite C Ahama, the Covetous
Marnuck Elite D Berserk Marnuck
Mephite A Gerhardt, the Lone and Proud
Mephite B Ferdinand, the Fortuitous
Mephite C Lask, the Unscrupulous
Millepod A Shuravas, the Enraged
Millepod B Hartmut, the Calamity
Millesaur A Fernando, the Immovable
Millesaur B Luciel, the Eternal
Milsaadi Female A Chantai, the Insect Maiden
Milsaadi Female B Lyla, the Lustrous
Milsaadi Male A Sharnaak, the Technician
Milsaadi Male B Badul, the One-Eyed
Monoceros A Uluora, the Burgeoning
Monoceros B Alexei, the Jade
Monoceros C Dawid, the Destrier
Mortifole A Yessenia, the Husky-Voiced
Mortifole B Jindriska, the Serene
Mortifole C Eliane, the Unmoved
Mortifole D Katerina, the Cliffhanger
Murra Camille, the Immortal
Nardacyon Nardacyon, the Shadowless
Neilnail Albus Neilnail Albus (The Unknown Threat, Twin Dolls of Mystery)
Neilnail Furvus Neilnail Furvus (The Unknown Threat, Twin Dolls of Mystery)
Oc-serv A Oc-serv, the Ancient
Oc-serv B Na-mulk, the Rebellious
Oc-serv C Si-el, the Vacuous
Oc-serv D Ro-darm, the Demon Claw
Ovis A Baabara, the Evangelical
Claire, the Sheltered
Heidi, the Lively
Ovis B Clara, the Pure White
Ovis C Germaine, the Treasure Keeper
Papil A Caranau, the Water Drake
Papil B Sacrum, the Noctilucent
Petramand A Caesar, the Hundred-Eyed
Petramand B Candelario, the Bronze
Petramand C Eisen, the Ebon Rock
Petramand D Truppe, the Ceaseless Dark
Petramand E Piernus, the Scorcher
Phanatos Phanatos, the Netherlord (The Awakening)
Pharsis Pharsis, the Everqueen
Potamus A Mesgen, the Fairweathered
Potamus B Rodriguez, the Twin-Tusked
Prog Ares Prog Ares (Chapter 11)
Progen A Celestin, the Spring Storm
Progen B Ernest, the Contemplative
Progen C Blaudolch, the Chalcedony
Prone Female Vendura, the Spellbinder
Prone Male Dadaan, the Strongest Prone
Langul, the Alien Payload
Puge A Prototype Puge
Puge B Night Combat Puge
Pugilith A Raider Pugilith
Pugilith B High-Output Pugilith
Purgovent A Albin, the Wicked Meddler
Purgovent B Libra, the Long-Lived
Qmoeva A Infantry Support Qmoeva
Qmoeva B Experimental Composite Qmoeva
Qmoeva C Intermediate Arsenal Qmoeva
Qmoeva D Support Trainee Qmoeva
Qmoeva E Daril's Qmoeva
Qmoeva F Urdu's Qmoeva
Qmoeva G Sadar's Qmoeva
Qmoeva H Gadaf's Qmoeva
Quo A Logistical Support Quo
Quo B Frontline Medic Quo
Rexoskell Rexoskell (Definian Downfall, Gone Berserk, Corporate Espionage)
Ryyz Ryyz (Chapter 8)
Sabula A Squallo, the Sand Mirer
Sabula B Atreides, the Distinguished
Gesserith, the Wileworm
Sacrifole A Dobromila, the Alluring
Sacrifole B Angelita, the Blade Bouquet
Sacrifole C Vegetal, the Heatcrux
Saltat A Sapara, the Laconic
Saltat B Aria, the Zauberflöte
Saltat C Zdenka, the Raucous
Saltat D Jarosch, the Sensational
Saltat E Wenzel, the Inebriated
Saltat F Zorn, the Wanderer
Saltat G Rolf, the Sonorous
Saltat H Bressole, the Fugitive
Scintimure A Eddy, the Electric Heat
Scintimure B Zohan, the Thunderbolt
Scintimure C Legato, the Sky Watcher
Scintimure D Coil, the Never-Ending
Scirpo A Yelena, the Sequestered
Scirpo B Desdemona, the Subterranean
Scirpo C Elena, the Infernal
Seidr A Enhanced Attack Seidr
Seidr B Armored Cruiser Seidr
Seidr C Enhanced Defense Seidr
Seidr D Sharnaak's Seidr
Seidr E Badul's Seidr
Seidr F Ahama's Seidr
Shrad A Sector Security Shrad
Shrad B Experimental Flight Shrad
Simius A Hayreddin, the Territorial
Simius B Demetrio, the Tempestuous
Simius C Diogenes, the Covetous
Sphinx A Feliciano, the All-Seeing
Sphinx B Durvin, the Perceptive
Suid A Gugli, the Relentless
Megatonne, the Hell Express
Suid B Olegario, the Iron-Helmed
Sylooth A Yama, the Obliviator
Sylooth B Anselm, the Triumphant
Sylooth C Climati, the Chilling Wind
Sylooth D Pyotr, the Shepherd
Tectinsula A Alfombra, the Transcendent
Tectinsula B Vittorio, the Battle-Scarred
Telethia Telethia, the Endbringer
Terebra A Shinhwa, the Sagacious
Terebra B Archibolt, the Revolutionary
Tersqual A Agnes, the Divine-Scaled
Tersqual B Latis, the Bristle-Scaled
Thallus A Pizelle, the Purple Lightning
Thallus B Edgardo, the Carefree
Turba A Tormenta, the Scarlet-Clad
Turba B Feld, the Indigo-Clad
Unafulge A Planetes, the Torrential
Unafulge B Ruth, the Shunner of Light
Vasara Vasara (Chapter 9)
Vesper A Necro, the Cavelord
Vesper B Froste, the Courteous
Vigent A Barnabas, the Despot
Vigent B Goliath, the Stronghold
Vigent C Vainamo, the Bellower
Virago A Buchwald, the Guardian
Virago B Behemoth, the Netherdweller
Visigel A Yune, the Ambusher
Visigel B Poppy, the Pyromaniac
Vita Vita (Chapter 12, Dark Matter Phantom)
Vivohast Lockhart, the Killer of Hope
Wrothian Female Until the End
Wrothian Male Leaving the Nest
Xe-dom A Du-rha, the Imprisoned
Xe-dom B Nu-rhor, the Dark Deity
Xe-dom C Gi-zho, the Iron Deity
Xe-dom D Go-rha, the Guardian Deity
Xern Leva'el, the Terminus
Xiphias A Shatskikh, the Flash
Xiphias B Brandys, the Spectral Light
Yggralith Yggralith Zero (The Final Menace)
Zig A Experimental Compact Zig
Zig B Enhanced Search Zig
Zig C Unlimited Output Zig
Zig D Enhanced Support Zig
Zig E Damaged Zig
Zig F Experimental Second-Gen Zig
Zig G Enhanced Attack Range Zig
Zig H Frontline Surveillance Zig
Zu Pharg Zu Pharg (Chapter 10)

Holofigure Source
Assassins White Lifehold
Barrel Dodger Hair Apparent
Barrel Tosser The Art of War
Barreled Over Special Delivery
Bugged-Out Bot Haywire!
Buxom Battlers Lend an Ear
Clash of the Cute Trade Agreement
Dance of Deception Supplies Surprise
Destined Encounter A Dish Served Cold
Divine Custom A New Life
Ensnared Castle in the Sky
Factory 1.21 Professor B's Return
Foot Soldiers Plans of Attack
Great Fisher Koko Missing in Action
Hot Dogs = Happy Emotion Commotion
I <3 Pizza Murder Most Foul
Innovation Inspiration Brotherly Love
Just Married A Grim Undertaking
Lifehold Unit Black Lifehold
Littlepon My Angel, My Lana
Luxaar's Ship Prospective Partners
Ma-non Capsule Pod The Pip-Squeak
Marnuck vs. Prone The Ultimate Price
Memento The Ties That Bind
Miramobile Mystery Man
Mother Definian Downfall
No Words The Party Line
Noble Sacrifice Circle of Life
Nopon Despair Muimui's Meltdown
Nopon Tower VS Prone The Trading Floor
Painful Existence Dead Men Tell No Tales
Piggyback Ride Training Day
Rival Partners Two Warriors
Snack Time Slovity's Rampage
Sword of Legendaryness The Sword of Legendaryness
Synchronicity A Fateful Choice
Tasty Lunch Box Bread and a Circus
The Blood Lobster Rise of the Blood Lobster
The Indigen Whisperer The Bug Whisperer
The Superior Form Attack on Biahno Hills
Trigger Happy That's In-Credible!
Ultimate Technique The Lurker
Visions of Beauty Waste Not, Want Not
Visions of Peace An Ancient Legend
Visions of War Tree-mendous
White Whale Nagi's Time
Zaruboggan with Ancestors The Old Gods
Zaruboggan with Dogs Child of Mira
Zaruboggan with Gorkwa The Voltant Visionary
Zaruboggan with Sword Stop, Thief!

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