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Honeycomb Sweets is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is run by Bonbon and can be found at Argentum Bazaar in the Argentum Trade Guild's Goldmouth. It is specialized in Desserts.

Items For Sale

Item Price Rarity Effects Duration Trust Prerequisites
Melodious Melon Parfait 30 G 1 Recharges Arts by 0.1 each second 00:20:00 9
Cinnopon Roll 60 G Rarity1.png Recharges Arts by 0.2 each second 00:20:00 9
Sparklesugar 90 G Rarity2.png Recharges Arts by 0.3 each second 00:20:00 9
Fruity Rice Ball 180 G Rarity2.png Recharges Arts by 0.3 each second
- 2.0% physical dmg taken
00:30:00 12 Complete Long-Awaited Work
Narcipear Jelly 1,260 G Rarity3.png Recharges Arts by 0.4 each second
- 4% physical dmg taken
- 3% ether dmg taken
01:10:00 12
Honeycomb Deeds 2,500 G Increases Dev Point gains by one. Purchase all wares at least once