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The Hope Farm Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is run by a female Nopon Merchant, who initially resides at Watchpoint Junction, outside the gate to Colony 6 near Daza. After the liberation of Colony 6, she moves to the entrance to Hope Farm. The shop is accessible day and night.

After the Mechonis Core events, the shop expands its selection with Mechonis-sourced weapons and armour. It also drops a couple of old items.

Note: In the following tables, "MC" refers to the events in Mechonis Core.


Item Slots Price Conditions
Steady Driver 1 4,800 G
Air Sniper 0 5,000 G
Army Pike 0 5,200 G
Stealth Rifle 0 8,200 G
Phalanx Unique 15,000 G
Machina Rod II Unique 54,600 G After MC
Chaos Break Unique 62,400 G After MC
Machina Nibbler II Unique 63,000 G After MC
Machina Blade II Unique 70,000 G After MC
Omega Break Unique 81,200 G After MC
Machina Driver II Unique 86,800 G After MC
Machina Rifle II Unique 92,400 G After MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Diver Cap 0 1,560 G
Legar Gear 0 3,150 G
Safety Helmet Unique 4,800 G
Speed II Goggles Unique 19,200 G After MC
Ether II Goggles Unique 19,800 G After MC
Orion Cap 0 21,600 G After MC
Attack II Goggles Unique 22,500 G After MC
Power II Goggles Unique 22,800 G After MC
Taurus Helm 0 31,000 G After MC
M100 Helm 0 32,400 G After MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Diver Top 0 3,120 G After MC
Homs Chestplate 0 5,000 G
Hunter Armour 0 5,400 G Before MC
Power Frame Unique 26,400 G After MC
Speed II Frame Unique 31,800 G After MC
Ether II Frame Unique 33,000 G After MC
Attack II Frame Unique 34,800 G After MC
Power II Frame Unique 35,700 G After MC
Taurus Plate 0 61,800 G After MC
M100 Plate 0 64,800 G After MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Diver Gloves 1 1,500 G
Prairie Gauntlets 0 2,800 G
Speed II Arms Unique 12,600 G After MC
Ether II Arms Unique 14,100 G After MC
Attack II Arms Unique 15,900 G After MC
Power II Arms Unique 16,500 G After MC
Orion Gloves 0 17,250 G After MC
Taurus Arms 0 25,500 G After MC
M100 Arms 0 25,700 G After MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Diver Bottoms 1 3,000 G
Legar Leggings 0 4,800 G
Speed II Boosters Unique 25,500 G After MC
Ether II Boosters Unique 27,000 G After MC
Orion Bottoms 0 28,500 G After MC
Attack II Boosters Unique 28,800 G After MC
Power II Boosters Unique 29,700 G After MC
Taurus Cuisses 0 49,800 G After MC
M100 Cuisses 0 51,800 G After MC


Item Slots Price Conditions
Diver Shoes 0 1,870 G
Survivor Shoes Unique 3,600 G
Infantry Boots Unique 3,600 G
Helwerthia Drones 0 21,200 G After MC
Ishtar Drones 0 24,400 G After MC
Orion Shoes 0 25,800 G After MC
Eucleia Drones 0 26,500 G After MC
Taurus Greaves 0 36,800 G After MC
M100 Greaves 1 46,800 G After MC

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price Conditions
Engage Reyn 7,200 G
Metal Blast Sharla 7,200 G
Heal Round Sharla 8,200 G
Sword Drive Reyn 8,200 G Before MC
Berserker Reyn 9,700 G
Hypnotise Melia 10,000 G
Shadow Stitch Melia 10,400 G
Last Stand Reyn 10,800 G
Starlight Kick Melia 10,800 G
Summon Copy Melia 11,100 G
Burst End Melia 12,900 G
Summon Wind Melia 13,300 G
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